Death of a Salesman: the rise and fall of Trump

Reading Time: 2 minutes


Donald Trump: a man of many faces. He owned the Miss Universe Pageant, owned a casino and properties in Las Vegas and Atlantic City, has his hotel legacy, and much more. His newest stint however, is running for the Oval Office, which surprisingly hasn’t fizzled out just yet.

Donald Trump as our president… I can’t see it, at all. The guy has filed for corporate bankruptcy 4 times (1991,1992,2004,and 2009). He’s been married 3 times. He’s all over the place and has no experience with politics. That’s worrisome to lead our nation, and that’s just a tip of the iceberg.

Recently, however, Trump broke the Internet with a wild announcement that as our president, he would enforce a wall to go up over the Mexico-America border. He would also put a stay on allowing Muslim immigrants into our country, and the possibility of deportation to those who are already here. This drew a lot of attention and criticism, for good and bad from his supporters/non-supporters. I’ve been curious about him and his bizarre ideas and stances thus far. But when he lit this fire, I lost interest in all things that have and will come out of this man’s mouth.

I feel that there are two main issues here at hand that are indicative of his entire campaign and the political and cultural climate surrounding it.

First off, I think our founding fathers would be rolling in their graves if they saw what’s happened to our nation. This country was founded through the defiance of oppression! We fled to have our safety, security, and freedom. So where did all of this bigoted hate and fear come from? How can we be so opposed of someone sharing what we have? Wanting that “American Dream”?

Let’s tap deeper into that thought and look how this nation was started… History lesson and spoiler alert for some, North America wasn’t white people’s land in the first place. It was taken from the Native Americans.

The second problem is Trump himself. He’s trying to be Trump; See how many people he can piss off and what kind of fires he can start in the process. Now, I support constitutional rights, including freedom of speech, but as a potential leader of our nation I’m pretty sure that what he’s doing isn’t what our founding fathers had in mind while raising this nation from the rubble of the Revolution.

If you support Trump, good for you, but make sure you know what you’re supporting. You want someone with good policies and strong leadership, not just ‘someone who speaks his mind.’ I do that too, and I’d be quite the shitty president. Tweet your thoughts or comments @thereal_jsanch, and maybe I’ll do a follow up on the next time this hairdo piloting an empty head says something stupid.