Break out of your breakouts

Reading Time: 2 minutes

It’s that time again – halfway through the semester and it’s time for mid-terms, or for those with block classes, finals.
But through this testing season, you can control your stress and the skin problems it causes. Break into good study habits and break out of your breakouts.

There are many quick and affordable ways to relieve stress and help with the number of little bumps that seem to take over your face around the same time that profound school-related anxiety takes over your mind. Here are a few tips and suggestions to help your face stay (or become) nice and clean.

Start using good study habits as soon as possible. The sooner and more often you study, the more ensured you are to have a good grasp of the material. The better understanding you have, the more confident and less stressed you will become. Less stress equals fewer breakouts.

Sometimes, however, the oncoming stress is inevitable and your skin is at stake. To avoid problems with your skin, wash your face no less than twice a day, especially immediately after exercise or direct exposure to dirt. If and when you feel pimples coming, try not to touch your face.

If and when you do get pimples, it is not advisable to pop them, especially when there is no visible fluid or the pimple is caused by acne. Popping a pimple can cause infection, spreading of bacteria and even permanent scarring. Instead, use toothpaste as a cheap and easy way to resolve the issue. Dab spots on the affected areas and let it sit for a few minutes. Late at night before bed is a great time and you can even let it dry and sleep with it on all night.

If it is a pustule pimple (whitehead) that has come to a complete head, this is the only time you should consider popping it. Gently pop and drain until it is free of pus (do not drain until it is bleeding) and then spread the skin out all the way around the area and rinse with soap and water, followed by rubbing alcohol.

Remember that you are in control of you. It may not seem like you are in control of your body and – more specifically your skin – but you can and you should be.