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Reading Time: 2 minutes The best gift I received

Reading Time: 2 minutes
If you are like me, holiday gifts baffle you. In between school, work and the stress of every day life, you have to make sure you buy everyone that you hold dear the perfect present. For the more distant relationships, you might be able to pass by with the casual gift but for the family and best friends, the intimate gift is a must.

The best gift I have ever received happened to be just last year. While others were giving me anything from candy to jewelry or even the infamous iPhone, my friend Leena gave me something close to her heart. She made me a black and blue patterned sock monkey complete with the sewn on button eyes and stitched red lips. She had taken time out of her busy schedule to make me something memorable and just for me. Today, that sock monkey is sitting on the freshly made bed in my apartment.

My guess, however, is that a sock monkey won’t be a crowd pleaser in the men’s department. Men are extremely hard to shop for. It’s true that most products are for the main consumer, women, but it doesn’t make them any less tangible. A nice bracelet or necklace, even a gift card to our favorite store and we are touched by your knowledge of our likes and dislikes. Men, on the other hand, love the big toys. Four-wheelers, dirt bikes, the sort of thing that is too expensive to wrap, let alone buy. If you’re looking for a sweet, affordable way to wow the men in your life, the saying the best way to a man’s heart is through his stomach, has never been truer. Baking treats or a nice romantic dinner is another touching way to show the thought you put into your gifts and you might even be able to save some for yourself.

It’s important to pay attention to those details. The people that we care so much for care for us in return and why not give them a thought that counts. We might not all have the time or the skill to make sock monkeys, but the gift you give your family and friends should reflect the hard work and love that you put into the relationship. A gift that represents them or what they mean to you is just as special. However, making handmade gifts might be a great stress reliever during finals week. Show your love this holiday season and get them a gift from the heart.

Elsa Cipolletta, Life Writer [email protected]