Available Jones: Time for a new Governor of Utah

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Recently, Utah’s governor Gary Herbert broke the internet with a comment to lobbyists that he will ‘go anywhere’ to meet with campaign donors – for a check. Now, this isn’t news that politician’s 1:meet with lobbyists, and 2: take bribes. It’s just that this one happened to be recorded and exposed, unfortunately to Gov. Herbert.

Good ol’ Herb. is trying to expose this as a potential fundraising ploy, and that he’s appalled that it was recorded, as he thought they were all friends there. He covered his tracks pretty well also, by establishing that they can come bring a check, but “There’s no quid pro quo at all.”

So, here’s my take on this. Perhaps this is a fundraising attempt, but it was done in the most sloth-like way. It was held in a private social club, while he conveys the message that he’s most available to go anywhere, as long as there is a check involved. To make it more interesting, he acknowledges he needs to be very careful about how they approach it. To take a “bribe”, essentially, in quickly after the video surfaced he acknowledges his disgrace and disgust, but quickly goes on the defense about how he wasn’t doing anything mischievous or inappropriate.

My stress of this is that, this election year we should look to have a new governor in office. Herbert has been in office for some time now, and I feel that his time is up. He’s made some sketchy and poor ass calls, while putting his personal religious beliefs in his decisions for the people. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, church and state should not be mixed.

My final thought: We limit the length of how long our long our President stays in office. Perhaps we should limit how long our state officials stay in office also. It may help reduce and prevent corruption, or at least limit the time our corrupt officials can remain in office. Share your thoughts with a comment or tweet @thereal_jsanch.