Asylum 49: The best haunted house in Utah

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By: Nicholas Ricci, writer, [email protected]

Halloween is upon the little sleepy state of Utah once again. It is a time to let the little child inside each of us come out and play. It is a time of late nights in a dark room with the only light coming from a monster movie on the screen. Some people can’t even handle an old black and white scary movie, but some of us are looking for more.

Utah is home to many haunted houses that run from the end of September all through October offering that extra scare. Each year brings new attractions, and every local haunt wants to up their game. So what makes a good haunted house?

Take a moment to look at Rocky Point Haunted House, which closed back in 2007. Rocky Point was declared the number one haunted house in the United States. It offered its guest the chance to escape into a horror film for 45 minutes. Guest would have to face fears from clowns, to zombies, to a wax museum of the classic slasher characters.

Since Rocky Point’s closing many other haunted houses have tried their best to step up to the plate. Several are a lot of fun to go to but don’t offer that same horror-movie experience.

For years I have searched and searched for a haunted house I could go to every year and not get bored. A couple years back I finally tried Asylum 49 in Toole.

Asylum 49 is located in a hospital that is actually haunted. It has even attracted the show Ghost Adventures. If you are up to more than just getting scared by actors, check out the ghost haunts that the hospital offer. Asylum 49 changes the floor plans each year, offerings guests a new experience. This year is no different.

The haunted house has become a full-contact, interactive experience. As you journey through the dark, winding halls of this old hospital you may find yourself alone or even taken to a self-containment room. Guests make their way through operation rooms, a nursery, and a morgue before being released into the courtyard to discover the circus is in town.

You make your way through a clown maze. After you find your way out, one wrong turn may land you back at the beginning of the maze or, even better, the beginning of the haunted house.

Another fun element is the chance to go to three cabins themed after Evil Dead, Cabin in the Woods, and Mama. Even if you find your way out of the haunted house, don’t be surprised if the doctors pull you right back in; guests are theirs for the night.

Asylum 49 offers the best experience possible, leaving many people laughing, screaming and even dying for more each year. Having been to many of the haunted houses in Utah, Asylum 49 stands out to me as one of the most entertaining and scariest haunted houses since Rocky Point closed its doors. Each year offers new surprises and scares.

To learn more about prices and times check out their Facebook page and website. If you’re faint of heart, go on a Wednesday; they won’t touch, but that doesn’t mean it’s not as scary.

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