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Al Mitton/UVU Review

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Al Mitton/UVU Review
Al Mitton/UVU Review

To any student even remotely aware of their senses, APX Security has come to represent a big-shot company on campus and within Utah Valley. With company recruiters frequently on campus showcasing a company that assures us they are “protecting families,” many students seeking wealth embark on an out-of-state adventure to sell for APX.

But taking a look at the Better Business Bureau’s (BBB) records on APX reveals lesser-known information about the company that one will be hard-pressed to find on any of their fliers or billboards; APX currently has an F rating with the BBB.

Why is APX struggling to make the grade? It’s because the BBB has processed 1,619 complaints against APX in the last 36 months. Jane Driggs, president of the BBB in Utah, says that the excessive numbers of complaints, combined with incidents of government action against the company, are the cause of their bad rating. She also said that, in her opinion, the F is justified.

Now, the BBB, a non-profit organization, knows that evaluating a company must take into account the company’s size, volume of transactions, the nature and number of complaints, and the company’s response to those complaints. This is why they evaluate companies using an algorithm that takes these complex variables into account. In APX’s case, an excessive number of complaints have been submitted to the BBB for a variety of reasons, including sales practice issues, service issues, advertising issues, and more.

Stuart Dean, Director of Media Relations for APX Security, says the company has some differences in opinion with the BBB regarding their bad rating. According to Dean, APX believes that many of the complaints against the BBB aren’t from customers but from people who’ve felt bothered by APX salesmen. In fact, he said APX estimates that only 30-40 percent of sales practice issue complaints are from non-customers. “There are times, in our opinion, when the BBB fails to properly assess a business like ours,” said Dean. “They do not take into consideration the number of consumer interactions properly.”

But according to Driggs, only complaints from actual APX customers have given the company an F rating. “While the BBB does take complaints from consumers who have not done business with the company, those are not included in the total number shown in our reports,” Driggs said.

It seems that APX misunderstands the rating process of the BBB. It may be convenient to say that many of the complaints against their company have come from non-customers, but even if that’s true, none of those complaints were used to give them an F rating. Only complaints from APX customers were used by the BBB to evaluate the company.

Driggs said that, to their credit, “APX has always listened to the BBB and is constantly implementing new ways to try and eliminate the complaints. They also resolve all complaints.” Driggs also said it’s important for consumers to evaluate a company, not just through the BBB, but also through other resources. So while the BBB’s evaluation of APX indicates big problems within the company, potential customers should do more research before deciding whether or not the company is a good fit for them.

Before you set out to sell for APX next summer, or let their friendly salesmen in the door, be aware that the company isn’t as picture perfect as they look on their large format freeway side advertising. The company has received enough ire among their customers to cause concern—enough to earn an F grade on their BBB report card.

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  1. This article is lame. Considering that APX has close to one million customer and only 1,200 complaints; that’s a pretty good ratio. All of those are resolved? Also pretty good. This article should be on the BBB and their shady practices. There was an investigation done by Channel two awhile back and they found out all kinds of dishonest things about the BBB. Once a company gets as large as APX and serves hundreds of thousands of customers nationwide, the BBB is not a good tool to judge service. How about the JD Powers award? APX was the only alarm company to receive this (including ADT, Brinks,Protection One, Etc…)

  2. APX doesn’t have close to one million customers. My guess is that they have close to one million customer interactions, which is extremely different. Remember as well that under-reporting of complaints is rampant. The roughly 2000 that the BBB has had against APX is probably on 1/20th the number of actual problems, maybe even less. Plus that’s 2000 complaints just to the BBB. the BBB is only one institution and the article doesn’t even discuss other institutions for customer rating, or complaints to the government, or the fact that Louisiana literally banned the company from the the state for shady business and selling practices. Sorry, Joe, but the BBB has been around for a damn long time and I’ll choose their word over crooks like APX any day, regardless of what the podunk reporters at Channel Two have to say about it.

  3. This article is absolute slander. Was this article written by someone who worked for APX that has a self-inflicted grudge because he couldn’t sell shit to a sewer or something? I wish Gregory Wilcox would write an article as lopsided as this about the LDS church just to see what would happen then.

    APX brings an absolutely tremendous amount of opportunity to the valley. I worked for 2 other companies and APX treated me the best by far. I only had the opportunity to work for 1 month for APX. I made $6,000 the month I worked. I turned that $6,000 into a MILLION dollar company within 12 months, Nature’s Source Mineral Cosmetics. My sales were legit and people wanted the service APX provided. I’d like to thank APX in the midst of slander for bettering my life and helping me make the money I needed to start a successful business of my own.
    Thank you APX.

  4. slander? i’m pretty sure greg checked his facts, like most responsible journalists. isaac, where are your sources to refute gregs slanderous lies? give me a break. all the pro apex comments are from retard apex PR folk. do you guys really think anyone is going to fall for your fake posts? give us some sources you big bunch of tools. apex is total dog crap and so are their PR bots.

    dopes: http://www.bbb.org/utah/business-reviews/security-control-equipment-suppliers/apx-alarm-security-solutions-in-provo-ut-4002276

  5. The BBB itself is pretty corrupt, not that APX does not have its share of problems, but at least they are trying to get better, there are plenty of companies out there who do not even try and work with the BBB (I worked with one). Any company that says it is independent and then takes money from the businesses it tries to audit (which the BBB does through their accreditation program) is going to have its major flaws. The BBB fails as well.

  6. Ok here is a customer perspective. They lied about why they were selling the alarm. They lied about its capabilities. They lied about having an office in my city. They lied about the activation fee and charged me anyways. They lied to me about thier endorsements which did not exist. They lied about the contract term. They lied about thier affiliation with ADT which was my previous provider. And when i have a complaint… two hour hold time.
    When i was promised a free move, I was expecting a free move NOT that I would have to sign a % year contracct at a higher monthly rate. LIES!!!!

  7. You have to love how the thieves at APX have now cheated the BBB into giving them a “B” rating. Amazing how they moved up from an “F”. Did they buy their way to a favorable rating?

  8. BBB gave them a “B” ha ha. sounds like the bbb is a crooked company. They get bought off, thats awesome. Also the BBB has way to much power. For them to be able to come up with their own algorithm to determine what gives a grade to each company is BUll CRAP. I don’t remember voting those people into office to determine the perameters of my business. People look to the BBB is an ultimate rating of the company. Truth is I worked for a shady company for years. Had an “A+” went to an F one time the ceo made a phone call and back it went to the “A+” they are the mofia. seriously! they can defame any company and cause them millions. unless you pay them off. Jane Driggs, is the president of the mofia… p.s. I don’t like APX. however they are ligit.

  9. Funny and entertaining article. First off, after all his intense research and studying on the subject, it would help if Mr. Mitton would call the company by it’s proper name, which is Apx Alarm (not Apx Security). First mistake.

    Secondly, I do understand why Mr. Mitton would be alarmed by the BBB rating, which is currently a C-, and was a B before the last summer began. Apx has installed hundreds of thousands of alarms over the last several years, and has approximately 2.5 complaints for every 1,000 customers. That’s pretty dang good for any company. Plus, like Jane Driggs (BBB President in Utah) said, Apx resolves EVERY complaint.

    Third off, the BBB algorithm and mathematical formulation to determine grades for any business, is not really accurate for a company like Apx. It grades Apx in a very similar way it would Joe’s Kitchen Shack (I just made that name up to show a…

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