¡Viva la Mexican food! El Gallo Giro offers authentic food, atmosphere and service

Reading Time: 2 minutes

José Ortega and his wife moved to the United States from Mexico in search for a better place to live and work. After living here for a few years and seeing the many Mexican and Hispanic restaurants just around every street corner in this area, they came up with a great idea to make their own restaurant, but with a twist.

“We wanted to start something different,” says Ortega. The idea? A restaurant where their family recipes and traditional food made up the menu and their culture filled the atmosphere.

This is exactly what they did when they opened El Gallo Giro, or The Rooster Spin. As you walk into the restaurant, you feel a part of the culture. This is evident by the Spanish-language television channel on in the corner, the Spanish music playing in the background and also the scent of tomatoes, spices and avocado coming from the salsa bar labeled, “Fresh salsas made by hand daily.” Its quaint and traditional Latino look is just as inviting as its great food and service, appealing to all the senses – and your wallet.

Their menu offers a wide variety of delicious combos, including rice, beans, vegetables, burritos, quesadillas, enchiladas, chimichangas, seafood, poultry, beef, pork, traditional juices as well as fountain drinks and more. I was quickly assured by Ortega that they make all of their food fresh so they know every ingredient exactly and can make any substitutions necessary to accommodate special diets.

After taking a few more minutes, I finally decided on two enchiladas and a burrito meal made to be vegetarian-friendly with cheese (or vegan-friendly with vegetables), which comes with rice, lettuce and beans on the side and a drink for only $5.99. It was a delicious and healthy choice and the best part is that it’s about half the price of what most burrito places like Café Rio or Costa Vida would charge.

I sat at a table of my choice and ate the complementary chips and salsa appetizer while I waited to be served. My food arrived shortly, delivered by a happy-to-help employee. The taste of the food along with the personable attitude of the staff made the dining experience most enjoyable. At a place like El Gallo Giro, you will never be disappointed. This is one place you must not miss out on.