What to do at UVU

Reading Time: 2 minutes


By Cameron Simek



So you’ve made the big decision of picking a school, and you may be wondering what there is to do now that you’re here. Fret not; we are here to help you find some activities just for you.


Our school is full of fun things to do on a daily basis. Whether it be just playing volleyball outside in the afternoon, or a late night game of laser tag, the school seems to offer something for everyone.


For starters, the school offers a few dances for students over the course of the year. Those are fun events to meet new people and have a good time. One is usually scheduled at the beginning of the year for new students to get to know each other, so be on the look out for that.


For those that are fans of the great outdoors, the Outdoor Adventure Center offers some great trips, including an upcoming Full Moon Hike on July 22. If you have any questions, or want to sign up, the Outdoor Adventure center is located in SC 103H, which is right next to Scoops.


For those that enjoy sports, UVU offers a pretty robust Intramurals program. Whether it’s flag football, soccer, or ultimate Frisbee, they have you covered on most sports under the sun. To sign up, or to ask any questions and see a schedule of events for the fall, you can stop in and talk to them. The intramurals office is located in SC108H. It’s pretty hard to miss, because it’s covered in posters for new intramurals events.


For those that prefer more intellectual endeavors, UVU hosts many speakers and tends to advertise those with a fiery passion. Throughout the school year, if you pay attention, there are usually a few signs and fliers up to inform students of the times and dates of these speakers and panels. Our school is proud of the people it brings in to speak to students, and they are always fun to sit in on. Maybe you’ll meet some new people and learn something you didn’t know.


The best advice for making sure your time here at school isn’t wasted just sitting in your room alone is to get out and find an adventure. UVU offers a lot of activities throughout the school year, and tends to do a great job at letting students know what is available to them.


As you walk through the halls, pay attention to those bulletin boards. They are everywhere. It never hurts to talk to people before and after class as well. There is always something to be done on campus, and sometimes what this school offers may just surprise you.