UVU Wellness Programs

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Maintaining school, work and a healthy lifestyle can be difficult while attending college. Because of this, UVU provides a number of health programs to help in many different aspects of life. These programs consist of physical, emotional, nutritional, social, intellectual and spiritual health.

Amy Grubbs, director of the student wellness programs, said, “These programs are important for students because when students go to college their health goes out the window. They’re busy, not sleeping enough, mom isn’t cooking anymore and ultimately they lose their healthy habits.”

These health programs are designed with students in mind. They are quick, easy and cost efficient. Each program has a variety of different options designed to fit any student’s busy schedule.

“Everybody has different areas of need. This is why we provide a variety of different programs,” Grubbs said. “We believe if students are balanced in all areas they will be better students, so we try to meet the masses.”

wellnessThe physical wellness program provides fitness equipment and exercise DVDs to purchase or rent, eight different fitness tests to determine current health, a three-week individualized exercise program and a one-time session that provides information and tips for those diagnosed with high blood pressure and cholesterol.

The physical wellness program also provides activities for students to exercise with other students. These activities include a walking group that walks one mile Monday through Friday at noon and free yoga and Zumba classes.

The emotional wellness program consists of three different aspects of health: stress reduction, keys to happiness and The Relaxation Zone. The stress reduction program is a five-week course in which students will learn stress reduction techniques, time management, budgeting, improved communication and healthy lifestyle habits.  The Keys to Happiness program is a six-week course that helps individuals discover self-acceptance. The relaxation zone offers foot and back massages in the Student Engagement Zone once a week.

The nutritional wellness program consists of a six-week weight management course, the Eat Well Nutritional Campaign signs that point out healthy food options on campus, a website to find healthy and cheap recipes, and a six-week nutrition course explaining caloric needs, meal planning and eating patterns for optimal energy.

The social wellness program offers different opportunities to meet new people at the Student Engagement Zone. These opportunities are Eat Well Recipes, the Relaxation Zone and Healthy Options.

The intellectual wellness program consists of a one-time financial management program to help create and maintain a budget, raise credit score and increase financial success. There are also guest lectures, wellness workshops and wellness internship opportunities.

The spiritual wellness program includes a weekly free use of a private space for biofeedback, meditation and prayer; online-guided meditation services and interfaith information.

For more information or to register for any of these programs see www.uvu.edu/wellnessed or go into UVU’s health center in SC 221.