UVU Rugby on a mission to win second straight title

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Wolverines know there is a target on their back

The date was May 2, 2015 and the UVU rugby team had a lead over Utah State midway through the second half. However, that lead had been cut down to just five points. The Wolverines had to dig deep to hold off a comeback attempt by the Aggies during their 2015 Division I-AA championship game at Rio Tinto Stadium.

UVU did just that and went home that day as National Champions.

Fast-forward to 2016. UVU is once again looking to make another run at the championship and defend its title. They have started off on the right foot, with a current record of 3-1, losing only to Dixie State in St. George.

“We got a lot to live up to; it’s important to us to win it again a second year in a row,” Head Coach David Logsdon said. “Everybody is out to get us every time we go out for a match.”

Loose head Jeffrey Mann knows that the Wolverines have to be ready to face each teams best because the teams are looking to knock UVU off.

“We have to step it up a notch and work harder than the average before, just so we can repeat and get back to where we were last year.”

Senior and team captain Zach Burr believes that every team will bring their best, including the defending Division I-A National Champion BYU.

“We know we’re going to get everyone’s best game, especially when we play BYU,” Burr said. “BYU is scared of us because they know we’re up-and-coming so they always try to play their best guys against us.”

UVU is looking forward to the road ahead. Mann believes that Dixie State is the one team that stands between them and the championship, they have their work cut out for them. But with discipline and a strict work ethic they plan on a repeat.

“When you win nationals the bar gets set even higher and higher, and you got to work to get there, so we have a lot of work to do,” Mann said.

UVU’s schedule includes key matchups against BYU on March 26 and a re-match against Utah State on April 9. The Utah State matchup is one the team is very much looking forward to.

“We’d like to get another shot at them,” Burr said. “Utah State is a fun team to play against.”

UVU is playing with a chip on their shoulder for two reasons. According to Mann, they lack sponsorship and they lack funds. Burr concurred but he also believes that getting support from the community and the administration are keys for another run at the National Championship.

For now, the Wolverines will continue to battle and work hard to defend their title.