Ten musts after graduation

Reading Time: 3 minutes

The time has come. You’re finally graduating. We have all heard the looming questions from family and friends: What now? Here is a list for those who aren’t sure what to do following graduation.


1. Follow your passion. If you love cooking, try taking summer classes or get on with the Salt Lake Culinary Center. They offer many classes throughout each month, ranging from bread making to cooking fish. If you don’t want to drive all the way up to Salt Lake, there’s another option. Living Social has many deals on not only cooking classes but also other hobbies and passions, such as art, flying lessons and photography.

2. Work at your bucket list job. Ever really want to work as a waitress? Or maybe a professional dog walker or perhaps a pet washer (my personal bucket list job). during this in between space and time, try it out. What harm could it do, and you might find a new niche in life.

3. Volunteering. Most of you will probably really want money. That’s okay and perfectly acceptable but if you have it in you, find someplace to volunteer. Not only does it look good on a resume but there are other possibilities that may come from it. If the company likes you or if you are really passionate about what you’re doing, sometimes you can find a paying position within the firm. Places like Food and Care Coalition, Meals on Wheels, day programs for adults with disabilities, schools, etc are always looking for volunteers.

4. Teach English abroad. Most of the English teachers make some money or stipend and some programs pay well. You can teach in places like Romania, China, Kazakhstan, Japan and South Korea. If you’re really interested, there are loads of sites with information. Just do a basic search to find a program that fits you.

5. Work seasonally. Alaska and California are a couple of states that come to mind. Each with completely different geographical settings and work to be done. Alaska has a thriving fishing and tourist economy and if you want to work hard, long hours you can. In California there is also a huge tourism industry that is always looking for people. Disney is one company that has many opportunities for postgraduates.

6. Travel. Although it costs money, it’s worth investing in. Some of you may not have much but here is a crazy idea: why not travel to New Zealand on a working Visa, stay there for a few months and make some New Zealand money, then travel again to another country? Being in this time in your life where you don’t have strict obligations makes for the ideal time to travel abroad.

7. Learn more. Take the GRE and get into a masters degree program. Increased knowledge can be nothing but beneficial to your future.

8. Travel the good ole USA. Stay with family and friends on the way. If you don’t have spots with them, try couchsurfing.com and register. You won’t have to pay for hotels and sometimes you get fed! It’s a great way to see the country and meet up with other travelers. It’s completely safe and everyone has to do a background check first, which should put your safety concerns at ease.

9. Apply yourself. You know what that means.

10. Do nothing. If you can, do it. There isn’t a time in your life other than now that you can get away with at least a couple of months of freeloading from parents or other family members. Might as well take it for what it’s worth.


It can be an uncomfortable time to not have plans or know where you’re going with your life but don’t let that get you down. There are all of these options applicable to you right now. Take advantage and enjoy the time before it’s gone.