Planning a wedding can be stressful

- Clark Goldsberry

But it doesn’t have to be.


You don’t have to travel far, and you don’t have to look very hard, to find ways to make your wedding uniquely yours. This issue of the V represents some of the best wedding amenities the Valley has to offer—from hand-crafted couture dresses and cake, to carefully-arranged bouquets and boutonnières, hairstylists, makeup artists, reception venues, musicians and photographers. It’s a broad survey, and we didn’t have room to highlight some really incredible people and their businesses. But the underlying purpose is to illustrate that this little Valley is a great place to tie the knot.


Even after nearly three years of photographing weddings to pay for school, compiling these articles opened my eyes to new facets of weddings that I’d never thought of before. There’s a lot to think about.


If you’re getting married anytime soon, we hope these pages will help your wedding plans materialize. If you’re already married, we hope they’ll remind you of where you’ve been. And if you’re still looking for your better half, well, welcome to the club.


Also, there’s a reference guide on pages 18 and 19 filled with contact information for the people mentioned in these articles. They’d love to hear from you.


Happy planning,


Clark Goldsberry
Editor of the V

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