More accessories are more fashionable

Reading Time: 2 minutes

Fall is right around the corner and with the season comes fashion and all of the accessories it has to offer.  Here are a few suggestions on what looks best, what doesn’t and go-to items for this fall.


One can always use jewelry to add some flavor to any outfit.  Whether it’s a necklace, a bracelet, or a ring (or all of the above), adding a piece of jewelry spices up the outfit and can take it from something simple to something stylish.  Long necklaces are popular this fall. Longer necklaces of any design go best with simpler tops.


The simpler the top, the more outrageous the necklace can be. Bracelets are a fun item to mix and match, but only if the variety complements each other.  For instance, mixing pearl bracelets with gold bracelets is a good combination because they are both a soft color that balances the other.


Watches are a fun—yet very useful—accessory. Only one thing to remember about watches, don’t wear one on the hand with all the bracelets.


One fall accessory item that seems to keep coming back are tights. Tights add texture and style to almost any outfit.  The rule with tights is simple, unless you’re interviewing for a professional job, have some fun with them. Tights with a decorative design pair best with plain dresses, skirts and shorts (unless they’re denim shorts) to add a unique sense of style to the outfit.


This fall, scarves are by far the best accessory for anyone and everyone—ladies and gentlemen included.  A scarf does what the necklace does by adding an extra element of style to any outfit.  Because there is such a variety of scarves to choose from this fall, they can be worn with almost any outfit whether casual or a dressy.  Like tights, scarves that are more embellished pair best with plain tops, however the line to cross with scarves is lot more lenient than it is with tights.


Last but not least, shoes. A popular shoe this fall is the boot wedge. It’s a short boot that has a wedge heel. This shoe looks best with skinny jeans.  Darker boot wedges blend in more than a lighter boot wedge that would give a more dramatic effect to the outfit. Combat boots are also a popular item this fall. They add a playful effect to a “safe” outfit and although mostly worn with jeans, look great with skirts and dresses as well. Thigh-high boots look best without a heel for both tall and shorter people, and with skinny jeans or tights. And of course, can’t forget TOMS shoes. TOMS go with anything and everything, no questions asked.


There they are, the must-have accessory items for this fall.  The most important thing to remember is to have some fun with fashion.