Local Band Profile: “Searching For Celia”

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“Searching for Celia” is about the search for something that is different than what is expected. And my search for a local band to spotlight this week was obvious. When I heard them for the first time I knew they were special. The enlightened sounds of keys, effects-driven guitar, a clear, concise violin and cello duo, plus the thumping drums and rhythmic bass created a cinematic and melodic sound few bands have achieved. “Searching for Celia” is a pure sound, one that needs or requires no lyrics or vocals. The meaning of each song shines through clearly.


The thing that stood out to me as I listened to Searching for Celia in their practice space above an old dusty metal shop in Lindon, was their focus on string parts. The strong, clear, and beautifully executed violin parts played by Diana Brown immediately caught my attention. In most groups the violin sits back and plays a minor role filling the gaps with a constant buzz of pretty sound. But the string part I was hearing took center stage.


“At the start we really didn’t have much focus on the strings… The sound was just an addition. But when we discovered that our string players were so invested and excited to contribute we really decided to put them center stage and let them be heard,” said bass player Robby Jarstad.


The second thing that I noticed upon listening to them were the dynamic changes—the frequent breaks and the huge build ups. An obvious comparison would be the likes of Mogwai, Explosion in the Sky, Sigur Ros, and Janice Kapp Perry. The sounds are very cinematic in presentation and the moods in each song change drastically. Overall, I think “Searching for Celia” is on the right track for creating a unique sound that should be looked at and appreciated by the masses.


Searching for Celia will be performing on April 10th at Muse Music Café. Don’t miss it.


Sebastien Gallego


Robby Jarstad


Steve Warren


Diana Brown


Michael Mecham
Guitar, Glock, Accordian






By Matt Skaggs
Photography Courtesy of Searching for Celia