Kindling the fire of love

Reading Time: 2 minutes

Let’s face it: Few things can be as stressful as being turned down by a potential date. No one likes to feel the embarrassment and shame of rejection, and this makes the dating game so scary for many students.  However, a new app called Tinder aims to take away both the fear and hassle from online dating. It has been creating a stir among college students across the nation.

Tinder, which was tested on campuses last October, is a free iPhone app that connects to your Facebook profile and shows users a few photos of people in your area. Users can either “pass” on the photo by swiping to the left or “like” a photo by swiping to the right. The concept is simple: Tinder only connects you with people who find your photo attractive.

While it may seem shallow, this method takes the guesswork out of dating, and streamlines the process of finding that special someone. The app makes sure to keep your identity a secret, and only alerts you of people who have given your photo a mutual like.

tinder_phone“Tinder is the best dating app ever invented,” said Keefin Bickmore, a psychology sophomore. “It has seriously improved my social life. It’s free and it’s extremely easy to use.”

“All my guy friends used it so much, so I decided to give it a try,” said Carrie Chappel, freshman. “I was matched with seven people when I woke up the next morning, and one of them was a BYU football player. I really like how there is no pressure, and I can use it at my own pace.”

Like other social media, Tinder is not without its fair share of skeptics. Ciara Carlisle, a junior in the Criminal Justice program, said, “To me, this just sounds like another way to get creeped on.”

While most users are genuine about using Tinder to meet others, some users simply find the app an amusing pastime.

“I think Tinder is kind of a joke,” said Carson Ireland, a freshman in the Spanish program. “Out of curiosity, I decided to go through all the guys on there, and I was matched up with my roommate.”

Either way, Tinder looks like it’s here to stay. So whether you are sincerely looking for your soul mate, or simply trying to pass the time, you might consider giving Tinder a shot. Who knows? Maybe that that special someone is only one “like” away.