How to study for finals

Reading Time: 2 minutes

Finals are just around the corner and the pressure is slowly building. It’s the final showdown between you and summer and possibly graduation. Here are some study tips to lower your anxiety during these last weeks of the semester:

Make a checklist

Write down every assignment and final you have due by the end of semester. Write them down by due date, priority and class. That way you have a visual representation of the workload you have for the next few weeks. You also have a place to start with — the most important project that is due first. When studying for a specific final, give yourself study assignments that you have to abide by. For example, make one of the items on your checklist to “ study chapters one and two by April 25” or “ study definitions in chapter 23 by April 27.”

Focus on the first assignment on the list.

When that one is done, check it off and move to the next. Multi-tasking has been proven to make people slower and more likely to make mistakes. Completing one assignment at a time will increase your chances of studying effectively. Study in blocks Study for one hour continuously with no distractions, take a 20-minute break for food, the phone and social media then study again. Repeating this routine will keep you focused when you need to be and gives you a break to recharge. It’s a great method if you tend to get distracted easily or if you get really tired when you study. Another way to get energy is to move your body. Staying active and moving around during the breaks will help you with long hour study sessions too.

Set a goal

Set an academic goal. Tell yourself you want to get a 90 percent on your written final or you want to add a certain difficult graphic design to your senior project. This will help motivate you to go that extra mile while studying. Finals are a stressful time, but don’t forget to cut yourself some slack every now and again. Don’t give up and get productive. Sometimes it seems easier to procrastinate and let the chips fall where they may, but a little sacrifice can go a long way. Take these tips to heart and go get your A. You deserve it.