Getting to know the Yoga Club

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Photo credit: Sasha Rudenko


“If you don’t come to yoga, you suck,” said Russ Lee, the yoga teacher at UVU. Let’s see if he’s got the point…

Price, time and location

Yoga Club classes are held every Monday from 8-9 p.m. on the third floor of the Wellness Center in room 305a and they only cost $5 for the whole semester.

Getting rid of stress

Relaxing music plays, lights are down and the only thing that’s loud is the sound of people breathing. Even without doing yoga, the atmosphere brings the feeling of complete relaxation and the opportunity to forget the world and feel like you are at the end of it.

“Busy life makes it hard to get here, but once I do, I am glad I did. [By the end], all the stress I had is gone,” said KC Carrigan, UVU Yoga Club vice president.

Help for other kinds of sports

Yoga is beneficial for any kind of sport. According to Lee and Carrigan, who run the club, yoga helps with flexibility, muscle tone and especially good for those who do rock climbing.

Trying different yoga styles with different instructors

The club strives for the teaching variety. Volunteers and teachers of different yoga styles plan to come every week.

Chance to help stop human trafficking

On March 20th, the yoga club plans to introduce a program that aims to help stop human trafficking. It will provide the opportunity to donate money for the program with the minimum of $5.

Develop more self-awareness and self-respect

“Yoga is taking care of myself,” said Lee, who started the UVU yoga club and has been practicing yoga for 13 years. “If we teach people to respect and love themselves, they’re gonna love and respect others. Education is the key.”

It will help to “let go of bad stuff” and “bring out the good stuff”, Lee said.

Come with no need for precious yoga experience or physical preparation

It is, however, not going to be simple.

“I know it’s intense, it’s supposed to be intense,” said Lee to one of the students during the yoga class. The intensity will work for building up the best result for each one.

“You’ll notice extreme changes, you’ll be a different person,” Lee said.

UVU Yoga Club is glad to welcome everyone who desires to do yoga. The fast way to find out what the club is up to is to join their Facebook page “UVU Yoga Club” where they post information about everything they do.

Don’t suck, come to yoga.