Freshman Frenzy

Reading Time: 2 minutes excited freshmen come to UVU

Reading Time: 2 minutes

As the beginning of the fall semester draws near, many students experience feelings of nervousness and excitement. For freshman entering UVU for the first time, these feelings are especially apparent.
Freshman not only experience tuition and book fees, school assignments and parking challenges, but they are entering a brand new world where everything is different than what they are used to. This new world presents many exciting changes as well.
Michael Blake, incoming freshman at UVU, has been anxiously waiting for the fall semester to start. Blake moved to Utah from Arizona two years ago and has been waiting to start school at UVU until he qualified for instate tuition. Now that he qualifies, Blake is eager to start taking classes at UVU.
“I’m really excited to start school here [at UVU],” Blake said. “I like change and starting new things so I think this semester will be really good.”
Blake has not done any college since he graduated high school, but instead has been working and saving money. According to Blake, his goal is to complete college debt-free so even though he has put off college for a while,  he has had more time to work and save money.
“It will be worth it in the end,” said Blake.
Meeting new people and getting involved with intramurals are the main things Blake is looking forward to when the fall semester starts.
“I love going to new places and meeting new people.” Blake said.
According to Blake, he has heard that UVU is a social campus that offers many opportunities for students to meet other students, and that is one of the main reasons why he chose UVU over other universities.
“I like that UVU is located in a city with lots of people my age, and that it’s a social campus,” Blake said. “I think it will make it easier to meet new friends.”
Blake hopes to play intramural basketball, volleyball, and any other sports he has time for.
Along with Blake’s excitement, he has some concerns as well. According to Blake, the parking situation at UVU has him worried.
“When I decided to come to UVU some of my friends who already go here told me parking is hard to find on campus.” Blake said. “I’m a little worried about that.”
Blake is undecided about his major so he is registered in general education classes and a couple of electives.
“I’m excited to see how classes at UVU compare to the classes I took in high school.” Blake said. “I think it will be a great first semester.”