Evolution of dating

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The other day, I was sitting on a train and noticed something strange about a couple sitting near me. I was disgusted and amazed to see the woman casually stick her finger in his ear and then wipe her findings on her pants. I don’t think this strange social grooming is an okay thing to do. In my opinion, this symbolizes the step backward we have taken in the evolution of dating.

Many things have changed in dating over the years, such as the words we use. We now call it a hot date, but with a twinkle in her eye, my grandma still calls it “stepping out.” Dating evolution brought us to “courting,” but since then, we have digressed to the words “going together” and now “going out.”

Back in times of courting, the dating scene was simple. A woman would wait for a gentleman caller, and then she would probably accept. Simple doesn’t mean perfect or equal, but it worked for them. This is a two-step process.

Now there are five steps to our best-case scenario process.



Asking, accepting of dates or hang outs

Rose colored glasses are placed

Exclusivity. Man and woman stop affiliating with others of the opposite sex until they forget other good men/women exist.

They tie the knot.


I think our system is flawed in step four. I believe that if a guy doesn’t want you to be around other men, he will be sure he takes up all of your spare time, if he doesn’t, a woman should be free game. You are single until you are married by definition and otherwise, that’s what I think.

There is a lot at stake, we live in happy valley for heaven sakes. We may only have a few months to decide whether or not we should be with someone forever. Be sure you have someone to compare the person to. Dating evolution must progress to allow couples to keep their wits about them during the dating process. Let’s start a revolution in evolution.