Choreography design project in motion

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From barefooted modern ballet to pointe-shoed classical, the Choreography Design Project promises to deliver nights of original, diverse dance.


The fifth annual Choreography Design Project, running January 26-28 in UVU’s Ragan Theater and funded in part by the Orem City CARE grant, will showcase the work of six competition-finalist choreographers as danced by Utah Regional Ballet.


“The public really likes this one,” said Jaqueline Colledge, artistic director of URB.


The six finalist choreographers were each given two weeks to teach an original dance of their own to the dancers of URB. This two-week period is “very intensive” for both the choreographers and dancers, according to Colledge, and involves many hours of work.
When the six dances are performed, judges will select the winning choreographers. The largest prize up for grabs amounts to $1000.


Four of the choreographers are competing in the professional bracket, while the other two are competing as pre-professionals. The number of professional finalists chosen was higher than normal this year due to the “high quality” of their choreography pieces, according to Colledge.


As Colledge says, the level of choreography in the competition continues to rise. For this reason, it was a challenge to select this year’s finalists.


Colledge describes the Choreography Design Project as an excellent opportunity for choreographers to progress. The project grants choreographers an opportunity to display their work. Also, for the newer choreographers, the project grants exposure to the work environment of choreography: fast-paced and full of high expectations.


These six choreographers will be judged and receive feedback from three independent judges at the project’s show. However, the choreographers will receive more than just the judges’ feedback. The choreographers will also have the opportunity to receive notes of feedback from the audience. This arrangement is enjoyable for the audience and is also a helpful tool for the choreographers, according to Colledge.


The choreographers won’t be the only ones to benefit from the project. Colledge says she appreciates the project because it gives URB dancers the chance to work with a variety of choreographers. In this sense, the project is one that fosters growth for dancers and choreographers alike.


As far as the audience is concerned, Colledge believes “there’s something for everyone to enjoy” at the project’s show, which will be both diverse and creative.
For tickets to the Choreography Design Project shows, contact Campus Connection at (801) 863-8797.


Sierra Wilson – Asst Editor of the V
Photos: Gilbert Cisneros – UVU Reveiw

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