Breathe, Bend, and Be- The 3 B’s of Yoga

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Yoga is not just a word or practice, but a choice and a lifestyle.


“Yoga is for everyone; there is no exclusiveness or hierarchy. If you can breathe, you can do Yoga,” said Amy Williams, owner of the 3B Yoga Studio in The Shops at Riverwoods.


Besides the obvious health benefits of yoga, it goes far past that, in that it is the business of happiness—people start to look better, feel better and be better.


Through the mental and physical concentration required for yoga, the benefits for both men and women can extend past physical needs and enter an area that brings a peace of mind. It softens the men and strengthens the women.


Williams went without yoga for years, but as soon as she participated in it for the first time she knew she had to do something with it. It became a part of her and she became a part of it.


“Through it, anyone can become a more conscious individual. It becomes a way of life, not just an option,” Williams said. “It’s automatic and you have to do it if you want to be your best self.”


She began her journey of enlightenment through yoga with Sole Boutique, which then expanded to 3B Yoga nine years ago when the business opportunity manifested itself.

The name is inspired by the studio’s mission statement to, “Breathe, Bend and Be.” Williams knew that Provo was where her studio needed to be. The area had a great sense of community, she felt, and that was important. “When you start to connect personally with yourself, you then connect with everyone around you,” Williams said.


Yoga means to yoke or form a union with the body, mind and spirit. Unity is the end goal of yoga, both internally and externally.


Not only is the studio space dedicated to yoga, but additional features including a boutique and a café with smoothies, juices and teas make it a unique community-centered environment. Williams said, “It’s about the idea of wholeness—food that’s pure creates community and family. You can eat after and socialize. It can become your playground to come and hang out.”


There are multiple classes throughout the week for people of all ages and skill levels, starting from “B Ginners” to “Sweatshop.” 3B also has a weekly class (every Saturday at four in the afternoon) called “Community Action” that encourages community involvement through the Utah Food Bank. The class is completely free of charge.


It is not required to bring a food donation, but all donations will go to the Food Bank and For whoever is looking to seek enlightenment and find peace with themselves and those around them, yoga could not be a better formula to ensure lasting results.


By Brianna Bailey