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The Sweeto Burrito truck has followed me around for months. I’ve seen it so many times that I stopped noticing it until I was driving down State Street with my windows down and the sweet sound of rock and roll filled my car. I looked for the source and I knew that I had found my dinner. Some greater power wanted me to finally try Sweeto Burrito and I wasn’t going to question it.

First off, I love the style of Sweeto. Food trucks seem to have hard time finding their identity but Sweeto has found their groove and everything from their trucks to their packaging has continuity, which I appreciate. They stand out in a sea of food trucks. When I walked up to the window I was greeted with a, “Hello, dear. Have you been here before?” We were already off to a great start. If you’ve ever been out to eat with me, you know that I hate places that I don’t know how they work. I like to know exactly how to order, so if help is offered on my first visit, I love it.

First on the menu are the burritos, of course. You choose your size, lightweight or heavyweight, and if you want a combo. You then choose from the nine burrito options. All of the burritos have a detailed description, a picture and a cute matador icon. This makes ordering so easy. The menu tells you everything you need to know without being overwhelming. They list the cheeses and the sauces they use as well as the side options and drinks. You can also get a “Bowler” which is described as “All the flavors … minus the tortilla.” They even have a “Value menu” for a smaller appetite.

I decided to get two lightweight burritos. I asked for suggestions and both of the men working the truck gave detailed descriptions of their favorites, which I followed. One went to work making my burritos while the other took my payment and chatted with me until they were done. My experience with food truck wait times has been either unsettlingly fast or you wait until you’ve already eaten your arm. It could have been because I was the only customer at the time but my wait was the perfect length of time. I was handed two perfectly tinfoiled burritos with identifying stickers and I rushed home with their delicious aroma filling the air, taunting me.



I started with the classic “Sweeto Burrito”. When you first look at it, it looks a little heavy on the rice but after the first bite you send up an apology for ever questioning the gods of Sweeto. This burrito is everything that I love about Cafe Rio in a perfect tortilla package. I was warned that it would be messy but I didn’t have a problem with the sauce spilling out. I only ate half to save room for my next burrito but I was already starting to fill up. The rice adds a good amount of weight to it but doesn’t overwhelm the other flavors.


Next I tried the “Buff Chick” because I’m a sucker for anything involving buffalo sauce. The first bite had a strong fried chicken flavor with a hint of buffalo. This burrito has tater tots in it which give it that bold fried flavor and add a lot of texture. Because of the tater tots, this burrito probably should be eaten quickly to avoid it getting soggy. I didn’t have too much of a problem with it but towards the end I could see how it could be an issue. On the third bite I got a burst of buffalo flavor and I was sold. The sauce has a good amount of spice to it and the cilantro ranch cools it but doesn’t mute or overpower it, which I loved. The spice stayed with me while I washed my dishes and my love of buffalo burned bright. I then had the second half for breakfast the next morning.

I will definitely be visiting Sweeto Burrito again very soon. There’s the “All-American” burrito complete with fries and fry sauce that I have my eye on. You get a great amount of food for the price point and there are plenty of options to choose from. The menu is detailed and easy to understand. Great food, great service and a clear identity. Sweeto Burrito is doing food trucking right.

You can find the Sweeto Burrito truck by liking the Sweeto Burrito Provo page on Facebook.

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