The Stereo Room’s Battle of the Bands Preview

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Photo by Nicola Pritchett 

Tiffany Frandsen | Deputy Managing  Editor | @tiffany_mf

The Stereo Room, a relatively new concert venue in Orem, is hosting a Battle of the Bands this week, from Monday, Feb. 16 to the final round on Friday, Feb. 20. The 16 new bands are divided into four groups, which will play on a different day of the week. One winner will be chosen from each night, and will compete for a cash prize and free recording time at the venue’s studio, Audio West.

Local bands submitted their websites and Soundcloud links to David Devaney, the owner of The Stereo Room, who chose the bands that weren’t as well known, “to try to give them an opportunity.”

*UPDATE: Foreign Figures won the final round on Friday night.

Here are the lineups for each night:

MONDAY’s Winner: (updated) Synergy Cello Band
Rest of the lineup: 

Fyre and Reign | As could be surmised from their name being taken from one of James Taylor’s hit, this four-piece rock band plays acoustic folk rock music of the 60s and 70s.

SplitDuality | Hip hop duo Split Duality released their first single last summer, and have promised three new songs during Monday’s performance.

Active Strand | In December, Active Strand released their debut album, Hot Lava, a five-song, funk-soul rock album with energetic guitar riffs.

*Synergy Cello Band | Four cellists and a drummer make up this rock band. They play anything from covers to originals, classical to rock.


TUESDAY’s Winner (updated)Foreign Figures
Rest of the lineup: 

Echo Mind | Echo Mind’s alternative-indie rock EP features four songs, each with a different influence, from poppy jazz, to folksy blues.

The Ladells | This four-piece group adds some punk rock to the lineup. They sound like a sped-up mix between The Fratellis and Velvet Underground, with a violin thrown in.

King’s Heir | Garage rock band King’s Heir is new on the scene, but have a heavy classic 80s band sound. They have a four-song EP out now, and are releasing a full length album this year.

**Foreign Figures | Alternative rockers Foreign Figures have been rolling out a mix of piano hook-laden and acoustic singles from their “Come Alive” EP this year.


WEDNESDAY (updated): The Tide & The Tempest

Rest of the lineup: 

Suit Up Soldier | This new indie pop band has two singles out – a folky Christmas medley, and a gentler rock song with piano and strings.

Likelihood | Reggae and punk rock are mixable, as it turns out. Likelihood has proven that, as a reggae/ska-paced punk trio.

*Tide and The Tempest | The Tide and The Tempest are a laid-back progressive rock band. Keep an eye on this band, as they are releasing an EP soon.

EL84 | Rock band EL84’s sound is the product of decades of music – 70s haze-groove, 80s glamour production and 90s raw rock.


THURSDAY (updated): Mojave Nomads
Rest of the lineup:

Melle | Quirky piano-playing Melle’s music has elements of jazz, Brazilian bossa nova beats, and singer-songwriter pop.

*Mojave Nomads | Ogden indie-rockers Mojave Nomads have an upbeat, distorted rock sound, with a tinge of folk and 70s influence.

Dry Erase Tracks | Dry Erase Tracks is a four-piece indie rock band with an acoustic guitar and an emphasis on the poppy lyrics.

Junior Mathematics | This indie group is an unlikely combination of acoustic guitarist/singer-songwriter and clever rapper.