Pop’nSweets: A Combination for the Ages

Reading Time: 2 minutes

Alex Rivera | Deputy Managing Editor | @HashtagginAlex

A sea of root beer and a pile of chocolate bars. An ocean of real cola and a tower of sugar canes. A pool of orange soda and a mound of Mounds.

Call it what you will, but Pop’nSweets is what it is; a plethora of soda and candy. Every child’s wet dream and every adult’s best getaway. Pop’nSweets, found in the heart of Provo by the Fat Cats bowling alley, is a diner/parlor for those seeking to find stressed backwards. With an endless variety of pop and sweets (hence the clever name), this place is sure to keep you coming back for more.

Founded by Chris Wilms and his wife Sam, Pop’nSweets goal, as described on their website, popnsweets.com, is “for anyone to come chill with friends, spend time with family, go on a date, or take a load off from the stresses of life. We feel that candy is connected to everyone’s fondest memories and that’s why we’re here, to make the world a better place one candy bar at a time.”

Expect the expected, and then some at Pop’nSweets. As you walk in, you are greeted by an endless array of candies from all over the world. From the coasts of Japan to the land of the Irish, this variety is sure to keep you guessing as to what you’ll have next. With over 700 different types of candy from around the world, Pop’nSweets delivers the goods in the most sugary style possible. They even have clearance candy for those with a sweet tooth and a small wallet.

Across the walls you’ll find the 500+ drinks available to you at your fingertips. These come from across the world as well, with plenty from the states to choose from.  I could attempt to name them all off, or you can look for yourself at http://www.popnsweets.com/#!distribution/cl69. Be warned; you might be on the page for quite sometime deciding what drinks you want to try next time you visit.

Pop’nSweets also offer floats with their ice cream being brought to you by the BYU Creamery. You can combine any soda with any ice cream, including a one-day-I’ll-try-it chocolate ice cream Cola float. Or you can always try some of their signature floats including the oh-so-popular Prohibition and Sunrise Surprise.

My wife and I were able to escape with only little damage done to our pockets but you can seriously get sunk into the variety and end up leaving with so much more than you planned for. This place is a must-go if you have any desire for pop, sweets, floats, or ice cream. Let your inner kid say yes to candy and soda and stray from the norm of frozen yogurt in Utah Valley. This is your one-stop dessert shop for years to come.