Old Towne Grill

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Old Towne Grill

Blake’s Review:

Old Towne Grill is doing some amazing things for the food scene in downtown Provo. You’ve probably seen them at Taste of the Valley where they won first place last year after being open just 11 days. Or perhaps you’ve seen their mobile barbeque trailer at events around UVU and the valley. Their astounding success within this first year is a testament to the changing attitude on food and a local preference all around Utah County, as owner Adam Anastasi would point out.

Now, on to the food. For the appetizer we tried the Flash-fried Artichokes. These things were really good, and that’s coming from a guy who isn’t a big fan of them. No, they weren’t these really greasy battered vegetables; they had a really light flavor to them, and you couldn’t even taste the artichoke. So for those out there who still have nightmares of their mom forcing them to eat artichokes, don’t worry- you’ll really like these.


For the main dish I decided to go with the Madison Chicken sandwich. It’s a grilled chicken breast nestled between a ciabatta roll with green chilies, roasted red peppers, pepper jack cheese, chipotle mayo, and an avocado. This sandwich was great, the sauce and seasoning gave the sandwich a nice flavor without being overly spicy (I’m talking to you, those who can’t handle anything with more kick than ketchup…). This sandwich is your go-to if you don’t want red meat or if you just really love chicken. I also had the rosemary fries with my sandwich, which complimented it perfectly. I’m a fry guy, and these were great. If you’re into the whole sweet potato fry trend, they’ve also got plenty of those as well (which admittedly are divine).  Make sure to try the Madison sauce, which is their spiced up version of fry sauce.


Tyler’s Review:

Old Towne Grill is Utah County’s American grill. Everything from the food, the atmosphere, and even the staff, make it the perfect place to relax and enjoy a phenomenal meal with friends. As Blake mentioned, Old Towne Grill won Taste of the Valley after being in business for just 11 days! From the beginning, the owners of Old Towne Grill have been committed to making the community a better place. Whether its participating in local events or working with organizations that help put an end to hunger, these guys are here to stay.

This being my first time at Old Towne Grill, I decided to give the Old Towne Burger a try. It’s a half-pound burger topped with blue cheese, bacon, caramelized onions, and Old Towne’s signature Madison sauce.  This is your classic American burger done with just enough extras to make it exciting.  The meat was cooked perfectly, the bacon was thick and crispy, and the caramelized onions were amazing.


Next time your looking for a meal that you’ll love without having to spend a fortune, be sure to give Old Towne Grill a try. Old Towne Grill is located inside The Madison, on Center Street in Provo. You can find out additional information and check out their menu by visiting theoldtownegrill.com.


Old Towne Grill

295 W Center St, Provo, UT 84601

(801) 375-2183