Sharp notes: This week’s hottest new releases

Reading Time: 2 minutes A few big-name artists released singles, and some are gearing up for an album release.

Reading Time: 2 minutes

On Jan. 13, Brazilian DJ Alok and singer-songwriter James Arthur dropped a song called “Work With My Love.” This dance track features pulsating electric beats behind ultimatum-like lyrics: “But if you really wanna be with me / you gotta handle all that I got.” Alok specializes in various types of house and EDM music, while Arthur is known for having a more mellow and somber style. “Work With My Love” is an upbeat song with surprisingly good energy, considering it is a little outside of Arthur’s lane. 

Andy Grammer released “These Tears” on Thursday. Grammer sings, “These tears mean I’m lettin’ you go (These tears mean) / I’m learning how to be alone (Oh) / I’m broken but give it time / I’m gon’ be alright.” The “Honey, I’m Good” artist sticks to his catchy and acoustic style but deviates from his usual optimistic and cheery lyrics to opt for a more somber theme. While “These Tears” isn’t as encouraging as his other songs like “Keep Your Head Up,” this track is super laid-back and easy to listen to. 

Pop singer Ava Max is gearing up for the release of a new album entitles “Diamonds and Dancefloors.” So far, she’s teased fans with “Million Dollar Baby,” “Maybe You’re The Problem,” “Weapons,” “One of Us” and “Dancing’s Done.” The completed 14-track album will be released on Jan. 27. Based on the singles she’s released, “Diamonds and Dancefloors” will have an upbeat, electric sound. Since the dawn of her career, the “Sweet but Psycho” singer has stuck to releasing popular dance music, and her newer releases are following suit. 

Australian artist AViVA released “Pressure” on Jan. 13. She offers a very unique, yet mellow electronic sound that brings something new and refreshing to the pop genre. She has a distinct voice and way of enunciating certain words that make her stand out. “Pressure” is unlike any other pop song that’s gained recent traction and popularity but absolutely deserves attention. 

Self-proclaimed piano man, Billy Lockett teased his new album, “Abington Grove,” with the single “Miss Missing You.” The pop artist, originally from the UK, sings “I just miss missing you sometimes / And I swear I still got faith / I just need a little space” over a dulcet beat. The other singles already available on the album promote themes of love, loss, heartbreak and healing with contemporary and easy-to-digest rhythms. “Abington Grove” is set to be released on Feb. 17. 

Already well-known for his upbeat dance songs and remixes, DJ/producer Marshmello has done it again. This time with Jamie Brown, he invented a new sound for the dance floor. “Party Jumpin’” features no lyrics, other than a few background ad-libs. Marshmello’s real identity is concealed, but his musical persona has been included in many popular tracks. He was featured in “Happier” alongside Bastille in 2018, and has worked with artists from Selena Gomez, to Khalid, Juice WRLD, and many more.