Laufey bewitched fans at The Depot

Reading Time: 2 minutes Rising star, Laufey, visited The Depot as part of her sold-out tour for her latest album “Bewitched” which released Sept. 8 to universal acclaim.

Reading Time: 2 minutes

Laufey, a rising star in the music world, has been captivating audiences with her soulful melodies. The Icelandic singer-songwriter has garnered widespread recognition for her distinctive blend of folk, jazz, and pop. Her latest album, “Bewitched,” has received widespread acclaim, sparking speculation about what this bright performer’s future has in store.

Adam Melchor opened her sold-out concert at The Depot on October 17, setting the tone for the evening with tranquil acoustic guitar melodies that showcased his remarkable voice. Before performing each of his songs, he shared fun anecdotes about their inspirations. For “itsjustmyheart,” he described it as a song about a breakup he went through, while for “Joyride,” he shared the story of a childhood car theft and his parents’ divorce.

Laufey took the stage to resounding applause, which quickly quieted as she picked up an electric guitar to kick off her opening song, “Fragile,” from her debut album, “Everything I Know About Love.” There was an intense stillness in the air that often accompanies her music, as her incredible voice pierced attendees hearts. The crowd hung on to every word and sang along.

After concluding her second song, “Valentine,” Laufey took a moment to address the audience. She expressed her happiness about returning to Salt Lake City since her first tour, sharing that she spent a few days exploring the area before the concert. She also described how Salt Lake City holds a special place in her heart, as it is the first place she heard her lyrics sung back to her.

Throughout her set, she displayed her multifaceted musical talents, seamlessly transitioning between various instruments. She played acoustic guitar for “Falling Behind,” a song inspired by a summer when all her friends were finding love. Then, she moved to the cello at the end of “Beautiful Stranger,” which seamlessly transitioned into “I Wish You Love.”

For “Promise,” a song inspired by her attempt to distance herself from a friend, she moved to the piano, which led into a piano interlude from her latest album, “Bewitched,” called “Nocturne.” After finishing the song, she confided in the audience that “Nocturne” marked a significant step in her artistic journey, as she had always been hesitant to compose her own classical music due to memories of a disapproving teacher. She offered words of encouragement to her artist fans, encouraging them to express themselves freely without worrying about others’ opinions.

At one point during the concert, she engaged the crowd by splitting them into two sides and had each side sing along with her. She directed the crowd as if she were a composer and they were her choir, blurring the line between audience and performer.

The concert concluded with a crowd favorite, “From the Start,” with the audience joyfully shouting along to the lyrics “blah blah blah.” After leaving the stage, the crowd chanted her name, and she returned for an encore. First, she played “Letter To My 13-Year-Old Self” and shared an uplifting message for her young fans, encouraging them not to be too hard on themselves. Following that, she surprised the audience with a unique performance of a song exclusively for this concert. She covered Mitski’s “My Love Mine All Mine.” Laufey confessed that she had recently learned the song and stumbled through some of the lyrics, but it provided a lighthearted and enjoyable conclusion to the evening.