Bruno Major and Lindsey Lomis shine on stage at The Depot

Reading Time: 2 minutes The two artists hit Salt Lake City on Bruno Major’s “Tour of Planet Earth” to promote his new album “Columbo.”

Reading Time: 2 minutes

Bruno Major and Lindsey Lomis played at The Depot in Salt Lake City on Sept. 5 as part of Major’s “Tour of Planet Earth” to promote his newest album, “Columbo.” Lindsey Lomis is an up-and-coming pop artist who has released several singles and two EPs. Her newest EP, “Universe,” was released April 14, 2023. British singer-songwriter Bruno Major, well known for his R&B and alternative sound, drew in a large crowd of excited fans to see him perform. 

The Depot in Salt Lake City is a unique concert venue built in a historic train depot. It has three floors with the first floor serving as an entrance, security checkpoint, and merchandise area. The second floor is where the stage is located, with a large standing area and a bar that serves food and drinks. The third floor holds the bathrooms and a balcony where customers can watch the show and be served by the event staff. The venue has the vibe of an underground indie concert but is still very accessible to the public. 

Lindsey Lomis opened the concert, stunning the crowd with her incredible voice. She performed solo and played the guitar while she sang. The energy in the crowd was electric as she played original songs from her two EPs. Engaging extensively with the audience, she had everyone singing along to her performance. 

She closed her act with her song “Bad News / Good News.” The song is about being in a relationship and hoping that you are better than your partner’s ex. The song left a lasting impact on the crowd as they hung onto her every word. 

At the end of her performance, Lomis shared that the guitar she had been using was given to her by Bruno Major after she won a contest years ago. She expressed her gratitude to Major and the crowd for the opportunity to share her music. Her angelic voice and guitar skills are sure to set her on a path to success. 

After a short intermission, Bruno Major and his band took the stage. They opened with the song “The Show Must Go On” from his most recent album. As the lights dimmed, a projection of the album artwork appeared on stage with Major, and the crowd went wild. Major stunned everyone as he went into a guitar solo and rocked out on stage. 

Major played more songs from his newest album and a few hits from his past albums. The highlight of the evening was the live band that accompanied him and featured Major’s incredible guitar solos. 

Though lacking somewhat in his vocals, Major made up for it with his guitar skills. Each song featured a solo where he could rock out on stage and take the limelight with his electric guitar. With every song, the crowd cheered and sang along. 

Major’s music centers around relationships, with most of his songs being love songs. There were many couples in the crowd, swaying along with his melodies and sharing their love for the music. 

Major and Lomis’s performances were amazing, leaving many fans bubbling over with adoration by the end of the night. It was truly an atmosphere that can only be experienced in person.