Beast in Black draws old and new fans to SLC 

Reading Time: 2 minutes Beast in Black performs electrifying performance at Metro Music Hall leaving fans awestruck and eager for more.

Reading Time: 2 minutes

On Oct. 3, Metro Music Hall was packed end to end, smoke filled the air, and strobing lights flashed to the beat of the metal influenced synthwave band, Dance with the Dead.  

Dance with the Dead is a musical duo started by Justin Pointer and Tony Kim in California. Their music draws inspiration from the 1980s synthwave genre, which gained popularity through shows like “Stranger Things.” They take it a step further by adding live guitars and drums to the electronic backdrop. The beats are catchy and the energy high, which makes them a great opener for Beast in Black. 

When Beast in Black took the stage, their backdrop featured cybernetic scenery evoking 80s retrofuturism found in movies such as “Blade Runner,” which inspired their latest album, “Dark Connection.” 

Beast in Black is a Finnish 5-piece metal band founded by Anton Kabenen after he left his former band Battle Beast. Like Battle Beast, their name is a tribute to the Japanese manga and anime series, “Berserk.” Many of their songs have fantasy and science fiction themes. 

Beast in Black took the audience on a sonic journey with the driving energy of songs like “Blind and Frozen” and the slow emotional energy of songs like “Ocean Deep.” At the end of the show, a new fan said: “I had no idea who the band was, never listened to metal before, but I definitely [danced] with that!”  

Another added, “The drummer was so chill. He was fun to watch twirling his drumsticks effortlessly and taking beer breaks between beats. The bass guitarist switched guitars halfway through the show to the coolest one I’ve ever seen! It looked like a devil was stirring a pot of honey. Never seen anything like that before. I loved the guitar choreography throughout the whole show. They had awesome stage presence!” 

Whether you’re a veteran or new to the scene, Beast in Black will put on a show that will keep you coming back for more.