Arctic Monkeys perform electrifying show at Delta Center

Reading Time: 2 minutes Arctic Monkeys’ proves that they are still a crowd pleasing sensation on their latest tour through Salt Lake City at the Delta Center.

Photo by Gentry White.

Reading Time: 2 minutes

Arctic Monkeys took to the stage at the Delta Center on Sept. 20, performing to a packed arena of 20,000 enthusiastic fans. The band’s charismatic frontman, Alex Turner, emerged onto a dark stage, greeted by thunderous applause.

Turner, channeling an ’80s rockstar aesthetic, dressed in a suit with the shirt unbuttoned down his chest with dark sunglasses and a disheveled, tousled hairstyle, perfect for running his hand through. The performance kicked off with a menacing synth riff as the lights illuminated the band, and Turner’s distinctive voice resonated through the packed arena, singing “Sculptures of Anything Goes” from their latest album, “The Car.”

“The Car” continues Arctic Monkeys’ departure from their indie rock roots, embracing a moodier and more atmospheric sound that showcases Turner’s unique vocal style. The album has garnered critical acclaim and received a nomination for “Best Alternative Music Performance” at the 65th Annual Grammy Awards for the track “There’d Better Be a Mirrorball.” When they played this song during the concert it was accompanied by a huge disco ball that came down from overhead and threw light over the crowd.

Throughout their setlist, the band mixed in crowd favorites such as  “505” and “Do I Wanna Know,” fueling the palpable energy that reverberated through the arena.

However, the climax of the evening arrived with the performance of one of their newer tracks, “Body Paint.” The song began with a gentle piano melody accompanied by a methodical drumbeat from Matt Helders, creating an ethereal atmosphere. It then transformed into a full-blown rock ballad as guitars kicked in. Turner and guitarist Jamie Cook delivered electrifying solos, while Helders showcased his drumming prowess with a solo of his own. The performance was akin to a grand fireworks finale, where every reserve of energy was unleashed, captivating the audience with a spectacular display of showmanship.

Even after their initial setlist concluded, Arctic Monkeys returned for an encore, treating fans to three additional songs. The night culminated with the crowd-pleasing favorite, “R U Mine,” sending the audience into a final frenzy before Turner and the band bid farewell, leaving the audience swooning in their wake.

While Arctic Monkeys may not have reached the same heights as their acclaimed album “AM” with their latest releases, their live performance proved that they remain a captivating and crowd-pleasing sensation.

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