Muse Music’s “Uncensored City” show celebrates free expression

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“Uncensored City” at Muse Music Cafe on May 17 was designed by headliner My Fair Fiend to be a showing of free speech and wild expression. The show received publicity from local news outlets because of their “protest against a protest”. The band wore and gave out the infamous Visual brand t-shirts that Judy Cox, an Orem mother, bought from PacSun because of their “inappropriate images”. When they were returned to the store, My Fair Fiend front woman Callie Crofts bought them all again with plans for a free concert to raise awareness about free speech.

The acts chosen were perfect for the overall theme of the night. The show was opened by the swimsuit wearing rock duo, Uncle Muzz. Within the first few minutes of their set, you knew this was going to be a good show. The crowd, while still growing, had a collective nod that gradually escalated into a full head-bang while screaming “White noise” along to their closing number. Uncle Muzz started the night off with high energy, investing the crowd fully in the show and the cause.

Merchant Royal took the stage next with lead singer Christina Manteris’ soulful voice backed up with a traditional rock band. Their performance was mesmerizing and kept you on your toes. You never knew what was coming next but each piece melted into the next. The raw croon of Manteris mixed with the talented structure of the band created a unique and powerful sound.

The show flowed nicely with a heavy rock opening, a middle with tones that were smooth and sultry and others that were pure rock and roll all leading up to the headliners who combined all the styles of the night into one grand finale.

My Fair Fiend took the stage donned in the Visual t-shirts with a PacSun bag in tow. Callie Crofts, lead singer, is coming from her solo career including an album titled Zen Garden. Those who may know her previous style might be surprised to hear her new angle and the power the rest of the band adds to her passionate voice. She has made a seamless transition from folk to rock. She recently won Muse Music’s Songwriter Showdown and for good reason. Her lyrics have a haunting beauty. All of their songs are have diverse sounds making for a great set. You were engaged in every note that came your way.

Between songs the band would toss t-shirts to the audience, eventually stripping their own shirts and giving them away. While everyone knew the story behind the shirts, the band never mentioned Cox, the original t-shirt buyer. They chose to talk about the bigger issue at hand: freedom of expression.

“This is not about the shirts. It’s about our freedoms … Everyone should have the right to express themselves,” Crofts said.

Thanks to a front row seat and being taller than average, I got a t-shirt to the face to give away. Tag @uvureview on Twitter or Instagram using #MyFairFiendGiveaway to be entered into a drawing to win the oh-so-controversial Visual t-shirt below.

The contest will be closed on Friday May 30, 2014 and the winner will be announced Monday June 2.


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