Lucy’s New York Pizza from the mouths of the web staff

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Tiffany Frandsen | News Editor | @tiffany_mf

I had the pacific pizza, which is pineapple and ham. How boring of me, when there are choices like the CCB, which is chicken and bacon bits, or the zim, which is a pizza with sauerkraut. The cheese was so a melty and hot that it set the new ideal for pizza cheese. The rest of the pizza was tasty enough, but my new devotion is owed strictly to the cheesy gold standard. The crust was thin enough that it folded into the pizza sandwich nicely and kept the spices, sauce and cheese all snuggled up and safe so they didn’t slip out (those toppings weren’t very secure). The pineapples that topped the pizza were thin enough that they could have been sliced from the pineapple with a cheese grater. I’m generally a fan of a juicier, thicker pineapple chunk on my pizza, but these pineapple slices weren’t anything to be scoffed at. As far as atmosphere goes, there isn’t much to speak of. I didn’t notice any music, but that may have been because it’s subtle. If table companions (or book, for people like myself) get dull, there are TVs to distract and entertain. I believe they played something called a sports game the night we went. Good news, students stuck on campus – Lucy’s delivers. That is, they deliver if you can get them on the phone. Their phone number is wrong, so don’t call the one on Yelp or their website. You’ll end up talking to a machine that will not give you the pizza, and that is no way to live your life. I hope, for everybody involved, that this phone folly is temporary.


Kenzie Jones | Sports Editor

For our most resent web staff get together I suggested we go to Lucy’s New York Pizza. It’s become my favorite place to grab a slice. You can run in and grab something to go, order ahead, have it delivered, or just go in and have a slice with your buds. The atmosphere is chill and causal. It’s a place I go to after a sporting event or laser tag night. Even though I’m sweaty and pumped up with competitive energy comfortable; bonus the food is great.
The last time I had the Zestbian. The waitress said it was named after the theater term for actor, Thespian, because it’s a dramatic production in your mouth. That’s the best description of it. Sadly this is not an item that you can order by the slice; you have to order the full pie. Then again the full pie means left overs and if you are a pizza lover like me then you know that cold pizza the next morning can be the best breakfast.
The Zestbian consists of a specially blended ranch and BBQ mixed sauce, which is suffocated with pepperoni, ham, chicken, pineapple, bacon, and jalapenos. For those of you who read my last review of the Black Sheep Cafe, you know that I like things with a surprising kick to them. This pie has that. With your first bite you are met with the creamy-tangyness of the sauce, followed by some sensual smokyness with the bacon and the BBQ, next you are hit with the sweetness from the pineapple, and then you get a turn when the pepperoni meets the jalapenos and gives you a kick. You get a masterfully blended bit of everything all in one pizza pie.
It is also the most the most expensive item on the menu, especially when you “Bronx it up” the way I did. That just means that I got twice as much crust for a couple of extra bucks. I thought it was way worth it, because their crust is good. I would just eat their crust. It’s not that cardboard stuff you throw out when you buy a cheep pizza. It’s soft, chewy, and bursting with flavor. Basically the best way to finish off a slice of pizza.
Their menu is huge so I’m already planing on going back to slowly try all the other pies, calzones, subs, salads, appetizers, and deserts. Basically I would never get bored eating here and I know that there is something on the menu for every single one of my friends. Even the one who’s allergic to gluten because all of the pies have a gluten free option.
Haley Madison | Blog Editor | @haleyshantelle
I am a pizza lover. If you were to cut open my heart, it would probably contain 50% pictures of puppies, kittens and Elvis and 50% pizza. I take my pizza pretty seriously so I was excited to try Lucy’s for the first time. The vibe of the restaurant was unexpected but I enjoyed it. It’s in a strip mall-like building but it’s a surprising size inside. It’s Mary Poppins’ purse. We were greeted quickly and treated kindly while we were waiting for the rest of our group. The restaurant has good energy to it but it’s not too loud, the perfect balance. Our service wasn’t life-changing but they made the pizza, gave it to us and took our money. The necessities were taken care of, so I can’t complain.
I decided to get a pepperoni calzone. When testing a new pizza joint, I think it’s best to go with a classic. If they can make a good pepperoni pizza, they’re doing it right. If they ruin something as simple as a pepperoni pizza, they shouldn’t be trusted with their own specialty pizzas.
My pepperoni calzone was exactly what was expected, which is a great thing. Sometimes you just want something that you can rely on. It had the right amount of grease to it, which I believe to be neccesary. It was a great ratio of cheese to pepperoni and bread. The bread had the perfect amount of baked crust to it. The sauce that came on the side was sweet but the flavor didn’t overshadow the rest of the calzone. So much of a pizza place relies on their sauce. It can make or break a pizza. Lucy’s sauce made the calzone for me.
Lucy’s New York Pizza definitely passed my pepperoni test and I’m eager to go back and try one of their speciality pies.