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Dave’s Review


When the crew rolled up to the Wild Mustang yesterday, Dave (owner) and Dzenita (manager) gave us the royal treatment. After five minutes I felt like we were old friends. Their hospitality was soon overshadowed when they brought out the food. I don’t want In-N-Out to get after me for stealing their slogan, but Wild Mustang was certainly quality you can taste. They don’t skimp on the quantity though so come hungry.





With their huge menu, you could come back to the ‘Stang every day and never experience dietary boredom. If you suffer from Menu Anxiety–inability to make a decision when options are presented and almost always accompanied by sweaty palms–here were a few of my favorites to make your decision easier:


Mustang Burger: HUGE burger. Two cheeses, bacon, “Wild Sauce”, BBQ sauce, and the green stuff (tomatoes, lettuce, onions, etc.). In the words of Samuel L. Jackson, “That is a tasty burger!”

Cajun Chicken Pasta: Wow! I’m typically not into the cream sauces, but they did it right here. Grilled chicken, sausage, sun-dried tomatoes, corn, cheese…it was great. Just as a little side note, they make all of their sauces and dressings in house. None of that canned sauce crap. Oh, and it’s pretty big so you might want to bring another person.





Artichoke Pizza: This was awesome. The crust had a great crispy texture. Juxtapose that with the smooth five-cheese blend and white sauce and you’ve got yourself a winner. By the way, UVU students get a pizza and drink for $7.89. You can’t beat that.


I would recommend giving Wild Mustang a go. Great place to take a date, grab a milkshake or a piece of their amazing pies…my problem is finding the date. Or drop by and grab one of their smoothies (all fruit, none of the weird stuff) and do some homework on their WiFi.



Blake’s Review


Wild Mustang will not let you down. We tried such a wide variety of tasty food, and didn’t even scratch the surface of the menu. Wild Mustang prides itself on delivering the widest menu available, the best ingredients possible, and all at a very affordable price. I thoroughly enjoyed the Soda Fountain. They’ve got all your soda needs covered from the classic Sarsaparilla to a mighty fine Huckleberry soda. Spoiler alert: no alcohol, frat guys, but no need really. Between the fresh smoothies, cold floats, and original sodas you won’t need anything else!


One menu item I highly recommend is the Cajun Chicken Sandwich. I haven’t tried anything in town that compares. Make sure to put the ‘Wild Sauce’ on it for some extra good flavor (not like it needs it). Also, make sure to ask what’s in it- I’m still trying to get the secret recipe…


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Just remember: Everything is made in house, the ingredients are fresh, the ambiance is perfect for everyone, and you can’t beat the price/quality ratio.


Now, go take a date there!


Wild Mustang Grill & Bakery

1250 S 860 W

Orem, UT

(801) 226-9067

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/mustangbakery

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