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Dave’s Review


Not only is Communal turning out great food from their kitchen, but they’re also doing great things for the community. The restaurant is involved in the Farmer’s Market, they have a seat on the board of Downtown Provo, Inc, and starting soon, Communal will be having their own Farmer’s Market right outside of the restaurant. They’re trying to set the standard for what local businesses should be, and they’re setting that standard pretty dang high.


The vibe I was getting from Communal is that quality, local ingredients makes delicious, quality food. It’s a really simple formula for success that Communal has perfected. They strive to use local sustainable products whenever possible. If you can’t grow it naturally, they don’t cook it. This means that their menu has to change about every three months, but I would recommend going more often than that.


When I visited, I had one of their new 30 Minute Bites for $10. With this I got half of a sandwich (which was really big), and two sides. It’s a ton of food for $10. I had the Pork Bahn Mi Sandwich with the Mixed Green Salad and the Soup of the Day (when I was there it was Carrot Curry). The Sandwich was amazing. The pickled veggies gave the sandwich a really unique flavor and texture. The chili gave it a bit of a kick. The bread  had a hard crust and was super soft inside. The salad was great too–really crisp, fresh greens (local of course) with house-made dressing.


Communal is doing some really cool things outside of the restaurant and even better things in the kitchen. I would definitely recommend dropping into Communal for either lunch or dinner. Support local businesses that support local businesses.


Local Art



Blake’s Review


No- this isn’t another episode of Portlandia, this is the real deal. Communal provides a healthy, local alternative to the Utah Valley dining scene. In my opinion, they are setting the standard by which other restaurants in the valley will have to live up to.


Communal’s $10 lunch dishes provide a quality meal at a very economical price. I went for the Turkey Cuban Panini and was not disappointed. It’s a tasty sandwich that’ll leave you absolutely satisfied. Fresh, local ingredients are the standard at Communal- and that’s no different for lunch. Even the Hand Cut Truffle Fries taste better there. I didn’t feel like I was eating some nasty greasy fries from a drive-thru. Also, make sure to get a salad- those are always delicious.


Usually after lunch I don’t go for dessert, but Dave and I decided to share a carrot cake. I think I’ll have to make post-lunch dessert a new tradition! The cake was the perfect size and the cream they use on top is divine! Make sure to try it out.


Carrot Cake



In review, half a sandwich plus two sides for $10 is a definite win. Make sure to switch it up and stop by for lunch Tuesday-Friday 11:30am-2:30pm. Tell them Dave and Blake sent you!



(801) 373-8000

102 N. University Ave.
Provo, UT 84601