BLOG: Al Pastor: it’s only sort of from the middle east

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chungasChunga’s is the best new Mexican restaurant in Utah Valley.  They serve a variety of dishes not often seen in the area, but the highlight is their tacos al pastor, which are frankly the best I’ve ever had.

Tacos al pastor are made from pork, marinated with all kinds of spices (proprietary blend, so don’t ask), tons of chili powder, and roasted on a vertical spit called a trompo, which is the same thing you’ll see cooking gyro meat over at Burger Supreme, but, you know, in Spanish.  At any rate, you take this pork, layer it, and occasionally throw in a slice or two of pineapple, along with a whole pineapple on the top which continually drips its roasted juices over the pork, keeping it freakishly tender.

It’s basically a Mexican version of shawarma, which makes sense, since it is likely that the dish originated when Lebanese immigrants to Mexico brought their style of cooking across the Atlantic.

Seriously, try these – they are $2 of heaven.  Chunga’s is located at 664 N Freedom Blvd in Provo.