Summaries taken from campus police reports Sept. 19-Sept. 22

Bumped Bumper

Sept. 19 — 5:51 p.m.

An officer met with a student who wanted to report that his vehicle was hit in the Institute parking lot Sept. 15 while he was in class. The damage to his vehicle was minor and found on the right side of his bumper.

Locker Room Roamer

Sept. 19 — 11 p.m.

A custodian called police to report a man who was found in the locker rooms  after hours. The custodian was worried that the man was homeless and not a student. The officer taking the call cleared it, but reopened it when he found the suspected man. The officer informed the man of the situation and told him that he can’t be on campus after hours. Nothing further to report.

Paperless Driver

Sept. 19 — 9:52 p.m.

While on patrol, an officer stopped a silver Mercedes because it did not have insurance. The officer asked the driver for his ID, proof of insurance and vehicle registration. The driver could not provide proof of insurance, so the officer ran a records check and found that he had a suspended driver’s license because of drug offenses. The officer asked if he had any drugs or paraphernalia in the vehicle, and he admitted that he had a marijuana pipe in his vehicle. The officer cited him for driving on a suspended license and cleared the scene.

Abandoned Ford

Sept. 20 — Noon

An officer was contacted by the Sparks Automotive department regarding an abandoned 2000 Green Ford Contour. The proper paperwork was filled out and Lone Star Towing was called to take the vehicle away. No further action was taken.

Persistent People

Sept. 21 — 6 p.m.

An officer was dispatched to the Liberal Arts building to meet with a student who reported that  two other students have been harassing  them  through text, email, social media and phone calls. The officer warned the two students that if they continued to make contact  after this warning, they could face criminal charges.

Classroom Creep

Sept. 22 — 11:38 a.m.

An officer spoke with a student who said that on Sept. 18, another student in her class stood up and made a strange comment. She reported that the same student was in class Sept. 22, but this time he was taking photos of her and others. The student, along with two other classmates, said they were concerned about their safety. The officer referred the complaint to student conflict resolution.

Burgled Office

Sept. 22 — 4:13 p.m.

An officer received a call from a man who said his office was broken into and money was stolen. The man gave the officer a timeline to check on video surveillance. The officer was able to locate the footage and a suspect was identified.

Reckless Drivers

Sept. 22 — 11:14 p.m.

An officer received a report of three vehicles driving recklessly through a parking lot. The officer arrived on scene, but the vehicles were gone. No further action was taken.

Defiant Students

Sept. 22 — 11:43 p.m.

A custodian reported three students to police because they wouldn’t leave the premises when asked. An officer responded to the call, but the students were gone. Nothing further to report.

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