Final week to enjoy Sundance scenic lift

Reading Time: 2 minutes

Looking for a relaxing glide over scenic views? A fun date activity or something to do after long weeks of quarantine? The Sundance Scenic Lift Rides offers these and so much more. 

Ray’s lift — named for the summit which it climbs — offers 360-degree panoramic views. For just $22, UVU students can ride the lift to a variety of hiking trails and scenic overlooks. Discounted rates are offered for both children and seniors.

Students who already have a season pass to Sundance Resort can use it year-round, including for the scenic lift rides. For those interested in getting a season pass, UVU students can purchase them with their student discount.

“I would definitely recommend the lift. The ride is slow and everything is so open, you can really just sit back and enjoy the environment,” said Jenna Callat, a first-time visitor to the resort.

After exiting Ray’s lift, riders can choose to board Red’s lift — which takes them further up the mountain. At the top is Bearclaw Cabin — the only mountaintop lodge at Sundance. Visitors to the lodge can enjoy lunch, drinks, and views of both the Heber and Utah Valleys below. 

A quick lift ride will return passengers to the base of the mountain where other restaurants and exploration await them. 

The scenic lift ride runs daily from 11 a.m. to 5 p.m. and will continue until Oct. 4. Masks are required upon boarding the lift and whenever social distancing is not possible to maintain. Hand sanitizer and gloves are offered before boarding and guests are recommended to take advantage of such amenities. 

For those feeling extra adventurous, Sundance is offering both full moon lift rides and a special Halloween themed lift ride. The latter of the two will only be offered in October following the closure of the scenic lift rides on Oct. 4. The full moon lift rides can be enjoyed as scheduled by the resort. Pre-booking for both of these events is recommended by Sundance and can be done at