Filling out forms for money

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It is no secret that financial aid is a lengthy and sometimes complicated process. To help, we have put together a list of the most commonly needed financial aid forms and where you can find them.


Firstly, one of the most important places to know is in UVLink. There is a specific Financial Aid folder where all students can go to see items regarding the financial aid process. To get there after logging on to UVLink, go to the student tab and then on the left hand side, sixth down, there is a folder called Student Services & Financial Aid. It is under Banner Services. After clicking on the Student Services Folder, the fourth drop down folder is Financial Aid. Requirements are found under My Financial Aid Status and awards are found under My Awards. Another shortcut is under the Financing and Paying for your Education tab; there is a financial aid menu link on the right.


Two online forms all students need to complete are called Verify Your Plans to Attend and the UVU Data Form.  Both can be accessed from the UVLink financial aid folder either under requirements or at the bottom of the Financial Aid drop-down menu.


Another common form, the independent/dependent Verification Worksheet can be found on the main UVU Financial Aid webpage ( This form’s page holds many of the forms a student might see at their time spent at UVU, including the Satisfactory Academic Progress Appeal.


If a student is unsure of where they are in the financial aid process, they can visit the Start Here tab on the main Financial Aid page. This is a breakdown of the basic steps each student needs to take to receive their financial aid, and any further information can be obtained by contacting the financial aid office.


Knowing where to go can make the financial aid process run more smoothly and cause less confusion. Another great strategy for getting financial requirements done is to be proactive in the process. Check UVLink every day and contact the office once per week to make sure there are no problems or that other requirements have been added.


By Danielle Carrier
News Writer