Feel Something

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Charles Allen / HEX Writer

Time is a perishable commodity. There is so much potential in the hours, days and years ahead of us, but once a moment is gone you can never get it back. The opportunities that our time possesses vanish with every tick of the clock.

Once in a while there are segments of time that are set aside just for us. You can do anything you want with that time. In fact, there is an expectation that you will do something special with those hours. Spring break is one of these times.

You can always use that time spontaneously, simply letting the minutes come streaming towards you and take them as they come. Maybe you’ll get lucky and something meaningful will happen, but the odds are stacked against you experiencing something substantial.

Another approach is to prepare. You learn about all of your options. You weigh in the balance all of the potential opportunities those hours could hold. Then you attack the week of spring break like those hours are your last on earth.

Your goal this spring break isn’t to simply see or do something with your time. To make the week meaningful you will need to create experiences that make you feel something special. It isn’t the physical environment that makes memories so meaningful, it is the emotions that were stirred inside of you that make experiences worth remembering. So this spring break don’t just do something, feel something deeply and profoundly.