“Feeding one’s Humanity” at the Study abroad expo

Reading Time: 2 minutes On Sept. 27 and 28, Utah Valley University’s Education Abroad hosted an expo to showcase the various programs students can join to study abroad. From places like England to Guatemala the directors of each program shared what students would learn overseas and the importance of the experiences students would gain from traveling.

Reading Time: 2 minutes

UVU’s short-term educational abroad program hosts at least 25 different locations and countries to visit. Each of these programs, found on their website, focuses on specific course materials that will be studied during the trip.   

For example, if students wanted to visit Oxford, they could enroll in a course that covers the foundations of American constitutionalism or in a course that dives into civic thoughts and leadership. Hank McIntire, director of engagement, shared that for most of the programs any major is allowed, however, some have prerequisites. The Japan and China programs ask that students have at least taken JPNS 1010 or CHIN 1010, the basic language classes that UVU offers. Others have more physical requirements, as some programs do a lot of walking.  

Green Rollins, a philosophy major at UVU and the host of the Italy and Greece booth, shared that he believes studying abroad “Feeds one’s humanity.” He explained that by experiencing different cultures and visiting places where history took place, we are broadening our perspective and understanding. Brent Spencer, director of Education Abroad at UVU, continued the sentiment, saying that the experience will help students develop valuable skills like adaptability and communication. He also shared that last year, over 300 students went abroad through the programs — a number that continues to climb each year.   

Also at the expo was the organization International Studies Abroad, or ISA, a third-party company that provides semester to year-long programs. Meaza Petros, the Thailand and New Zealand program manager at the company shared that their organization helped make her a global citizen and invoked a love for travel. Students can visit their website to explore 30-plus countries where they offer programs.   

If students missed the expo, they could visit their website, or attend their next event during the spring semester.