Fantasy and the Four Seasons in Botanica

In the dim lights of a large room, the human form becomes the four seasons—and it’s all part of the experiencing a Moses Pendelton’s Momix Show.

Momix will bring its world-renowned dance style to Kingsbury Hall with its newest show, Botanica, on Jan. 22.

Momix shows can truly be something you’ve never seen before. The shows provide a unique combination of dancing and illusion, making it an interesting magic show to say the least. Both artistically and physically, this show goes out of its way to present viewers with an intriguing story in an imaginative world.

The dance companies use large props and colorful costumes to add to the illusions. For twenty years, Momix has performed different types of shows under Moses Pendleton’s artistic direction with different types of inventiveness for each one. With Botanica, Momix worked with Michael Curry of The Lion King in the design of its props and puppets to achieve the effects that the show presents.

Tickets for the Jan. 22 performance are between $29.50 and $39.50, and there will be passes in the lobby for an after party.

Visit or their Facebook page for more about this performance.

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