Fanny pack theft and criminal mischief: Campus crime report 9/11-9/15

Reading Time: < 1 minute Theft of fanny packs, hubcaps, and criminal mischief. Campus police reported four crimes occurring on campus between Sep. 11-15, three have been closed.

Reading Time: < 1 minute

Campus police reported four crimes on campus during the past week, with an instance of criminal mischief and three instances of theft, one of which included a fanny pack. 

On Sep. 14, campus police responded to a report of a stolen fanny pack. According to the police report shared with The Review, the students debit card was in the pack and there was an attempted purchase on it. 

“While speaking to the student,” the report began. “It was determined that the fanny pack was found due to the fact that the students debit card had an attempted purchase on it.” 

This case remains under investigation. 

In other news, the same day a report was made to Campus Police regarding alleged stolen hubcaps off a student’s car. Police investigated and found that the hubcaps were missing off the car in question before it had entered UVU. A similar report was made to the filer’s city police. 

On Sep. 12, a theft was reported at Chick-Fil-A regarding student property. The case has been closed since Sep. 18 without any additional notes. 

On the same day, a report was made about criminal mischief occurring in UVL3, where a student’s car was damaged. The case had been closed the same day. 

Students can request Campus Police if they can call at (801) 863-5555. The police can also be contacted via email at [email protected], which can be used to report any incident or campus crime. Students can also visit their office in the Gunther Technology building, Room 311.