Facebook Home: World dominance, continued

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Social media junkies can now rejoice. After a week of rumors and leaked secrets, Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerburg revealed the newest addition to the social media-verse:
Facebook Home.

Now, instead of a lonely app, the Facebook network will be integrated directly into the software of the Android
operating system. The software has features that integrate the user’s Facebook profile and info to personalize their mobile experience.

“We want to shift people’s focus on phones away from apps and towards content,” Zuckerburg said at a news event hosted April 4 at Facebook Headquarters. “I think this can start to be a change in the relationship we have with these computing devices.”

The Cover Feed will include a screensaver slideshow of friends’ statuses and profile pictures, transitioning by a simple flick to favorite apps and messaging. The Chat Heads feature will allow users to keep messaging open while browsing other apps.

Facebook Home comes pre-installed on the newly released HTC First on AT&T, available April 12. Home will be available on other Android devices with the latest operating systems within the week.

By Joey Whitaker, Reporter