Everything UVU students need to know about Prop 5

What is Prop 5?
Proposition 5 is a ballot initiative for residents of Orem regarding the rezoning of land next to the GT building (1000 South 400 West, Orem) for student housing. The area would be re-zoned to allow for high density housing, in other words, student apartments.

The current Palos Verdes lot, where Woodbury Corp. and PEG Development propose to build student housing. Photo by Mckhelyn Jones.

How does Prop 5 impact UVU students?
Woodbury Corporation and PEG Development have stated that the project would include 1,600 beds and is designed to lessen traffic in the adjacent neighborhood. Prop 5 is a crucial voting issue for all UVU students, especially those looking for housing or currently living in the Orem area. Regardless of which side you support, this issue could potentially delay student housing options for UVU by years, or allow housing to be available by Fall 2020, according to Taylor Woodbury, COO of Woodbury Corporation.

What do those in favor say?
Supporters of the new development, on their website and in town hall meetings, discussed how the housing will be surrounded by UVU on three sides, making it within easy walking distance of campus. This will in turn decrease traffic, and the amount of cars on campus. They also emphasize how many UVU students end up living in Provo housing and elsewhere due to how few spaces are available in Orem.

Click here to read the supporters’ website.

What do those opposed say?
Those against the proposal in letters to the editor in local newspapers, say that UVU’s growth needs to be limited. They voice concerns about its proximity to Lakeridge Jr. High, suggesting that it is a potential safety risk to those children. They also raise concerns about housing values and UVU high-density apartment housing replacing all of the single-family homes in the area.
Click here to read the oppositions website.

Voting on Prop 5
Whether you choose to vote for or against Prop 5, you must be registered to vote in Orem, as it isn’t a statewide ballot initiative. You can register to vote online until Oct. 30, or you can register at the polls on Election Day, but you will need identification such as a driver’s license and proof of residency, such as a utility bill or rent payment.
Click here to register to vote or learn more about voting in Utah.

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