Insomnia at UVU 2023 

Reading Time: < 1 minute UVU held its huge annual Halloween dance party, Insomnia, on Oct. 31 at the UCCU Center.

Reading Time: < 1 minute

Have you heard about the UVU Insomnia Dance? Everyone was “dying” to get into this Halloween dance that is held at UVU every year on Oct. 31 at the UCCU center. 

This was not like your ordinary dance party. Anticipation for fun filled the air as students waiting to get into the venue could feel the whole UCCU center shake with bass. Traveling DJ Ricky Barrera brought the house down with his ecstatic energy. He played classics like “In da Club,” “Get Low,” and of course “Love Story.” He had the whole crowd jumping up and down through the course of the night.  

In attendance there were over 2,800 students from various colleges, which wasn’t even at full capacity. Back in 2018, there was a record attendance of 4,701 people. UVU hopes to bring back this event to what it was in the past. 

Program director of student activities at UVU, Sadie Wise, stated, “The Halloween Dance is a longstanding tradition at UVU, going back more than 20 years when it was still UVSC, though we have undergone a few name changes during that time.” When asked why UVU decided to continue this tradition she continued, “UVUSA facilitates activities and events on campus for a variety of reasons, one of which is to foster connection between students, their peers, and their school. We definitely saw that at Insomnia as people came with old friends, danced with new friends, and cheered with Willy all night long!”  

There you have it, if you want the chance to connect with people, come to next year’s UVU Insomnia Dance Party!