Dinner and Drag Queens was THE moment

Reading Time: 2 minutes UVUSA hosts Dinner and Drag Queens, and it was nothing short of iconic.

Reading Time: 2 minutes

On Friday, Jan. 27, UVU hosted their first-ever Dinner and Drag Queens event. This event was nothing short of fabulous. If it was your first drag show or you often attend, this night was not only fun but also uplifting. The Grande Ballroom was covered with dazzling decorations and lit with multi-colored lights. UVU greeted all their guests with a delicious Indian dinner before the show. 

The show began with drag queen Sequoia. Sequoia introduced everyone who was going to be performing and gave an overview of the night. Then, they started off the show with their own lively performance. The performance was musical theater inspired and it was amazing!

All the drag queens and kings had their own wow factor. Kory Edgewood was a drag king rockstar; Madazon Can-Can was extremely artistic; Mya Dursty was a star; but the audience went crazy when Schade the Queen, a fellow UVU student, performed. They lit up the room and kept everyone on the edge of their seats. All the costumes were as beautiful as their hair and makeup. Overall, they were all stunning and very entertaining. 

At the halfway point of the show, local poet Evan Seal took the stage and read poems from his latest poetry book “Honey Tears.” His poems left the room silent and gave everyone chills. A standing ovation was given and was well-deserved for the talented poet. 

After the very moving spoken word poetry, the performances continued and were just as fabulous as before. Their stamina to perform with just as much energy as the night went on was remarkable. Drag Queen Sequoia spoke in between each act, once saying, “Whether you are gay, queer, an ally, or anything in between, you belong.” That message was simply put yet so powerful. 

At the end of the show, the drag queens and kings opened up to the audience for a Q&A. They spoke on identity, finding a community and embracing who you are. Seeing their performances and the way they all expressed themselves creatively was inspiring. It was especially inspiring to hear them all speak on their different experiences and how they became who they are today. 

Madazon Can-Can took the microphone and spoke on how important it is to educate the youth and to have representation for LGBTQ+ kids. After another well-deserved standing ovation, the stage was opened for the guests to take pictures to commemorate the iconic night.