Chill vibes with Chiiild over spring break

Reading Time: 2 minutes Artist Chiiild visited Salt Lake City over spring break with the release of his latest album “Better Luck in the Next Life.”

Reading Time: 2 minutes

Touring his latest album, “Better Luck in the Next Life,” which dropped March 3, genre-defying artist Chiiild visited Salt Lake City at Kilby Court over spring break. Since the release of his debut album “Hope for Sale” in 2021, Chiiild has been rising in popularity. This comes as no surprise, as he has extensive experience in the music industry writing and producing music with the likes of Usher, Jennifer Lopez and Chloe x Halle.

Although he has made quite a name for himself, he still has the feel of an underground artist. This reputation was only heightened given the venue, which is down an alley and in what can only be described as a shack in someone’s backyard. But that is not to speak negatively of it, quite the opposite, the close proximity the small space offered gave it an extremely intimate and grunge feel, which is perfectly suited for the style of Chiiild’s music. 

Before the anticipated performer took to the stage he was led by Isaia Huron, a very talented up-and-coming artist. His debut album, “LIBBIE 02” was originally titled “LIBBIE,” but he reworked and re-released it, illustrating he is still in the process of discovery. He may be beginning his journey, but he has incredible vocal and songwriting abilities. 

Once Chiiild took to the stage, a strong charge was added to the atmosphere, which washed over the cramped inhabitants of Kilby Court. Chiiild began with the song from which his new album gets its name: “Better Luck in the Next Life.” Chiiild’s music can be described as carefree and adventurous, kind of like what one might imagine the soundtrack to their childhood to sound like as implied by his name. That is still true for his latest album, but that being said, there are also dark and turbulent undertones present, and that is most apparent in this track.

The concert hit its height with Chiiild’s most popular song “Gone.” Audience members sang along with Chiiild as he stood leaning over the crowd atop a podium. A group of people got his attention by lifting one of their members up so that he could sing face-to-face with Chiiild. It was a great moment that highlighted Chiiild’s love for his fans and their love for him.

That wasn’t the only time he interacted with his audience members in an intimate way. One audience member was not able to attend because of sickness, but her friend video called her so that she could participate. This caught Chiiild’s attention, and he took the phone to talk to her and give her a view of the crowd. He went on to dedicate the next song to her. 

After the show, Chiiild retired to the courtyard of Kilby Court to converse with audience members and sign memorabilia. This was perhaps a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to observe this artist in this type of format, as the inevitable rise of his popularity is sure to put many demands on his attention.