An exciting look at the Banff Film Festival

Reading Time: 3 minutes The Banff Film Festival tour stopped at UVU and left people feeling inspired.

Reading Time: 3 minutes

The Banff Film Festival started in 1976. They will be celebrating their 47th year of inspiring people to unleash their creative potential and are still on the beginning part of their United States tour. On Feb. 15 and 16, they presented some of their films to UVU.

This is Kimberly Reynolds’ 26th year hosting. She says, “I love coming to Utah Valley. The people here are definitely a highlight of the tour. They always have great energy, and it is always fun to share this with them.” Her lively energy throughout the showings was a great addition to a night full of exhibitions. 

Banff’s Mountain Film Festival included as many as 83 different films. Out of those 83 films, seven were shown. These seven films took viewers to Mexico, Alaska and Germany. They included stories of inspirational, talented and passionate people doing what they love. Although some moments bring tension, you can guarantee to leave feeling amazed.

The festival started with the bright film “Colors of Mexico.” This followed a mountain biker as he rode through brightly colored Mexican buildings and continued on through the mountains. It was a great start to a night of action.

 The second film was titled “Sheri.” Sheri Tingey was told that the film crew would be filming the successful business she started, Alpacka Raft, which sells handmade boats and rafts. Never underestimate the power of one woman and a sewing needle. This documentary was the only way that Tingey would speak on the hard work it took to find success. Her story is a remarkable reminder that hard work and a dream can get you anywhere. 

Everyone was on the edge of their seat for the next film as they watched the tightrope world record be broken by four German tightrope walkers. Quirin Herterich was the first to walk the 1.3-mile-long suspended rope that was stretched across the Swedish Arctic Valley. After his completion, three other walkers completed the walk 600 meters above the ground. You could hear the audience sigh in relief when they all made it to the other end. 

The night ended the same as it began. This time, with a film following a mountain biker through British Columbia. The beautiful scenery along with the skilled biker was a perfect bookend to an exhilarating night. 

To see more information about the Banff Mountain Film Festival or dates for their US tour, visit their website