Energy healer comes to CareerPassport lecture

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Kimberly Bojorquez | Senior Staff Writer
Photo credit: Collin Cooper | Photo Senior Staff | @coop.97

Carol Tuttle, alternative therapist and author, discussed her life before she started her lucrative career in healing people using energy psychology as part of CareerPassport Lecture Series Thursday, Dec. 4.

As a mother of four, Tuttle started small businesses from her home beginning with a wood-cutting business and custom sewing.

“I could not settle for just the mom thing. I always had an entrepreneurial function going on the side,” Tuttle said.

Entrepreneurship runs in Tuttle’s family. Her workaholic father was successful and invented Grabber hand warmers and Grabber screws. Tuttle discussed how she was raised in a business and not a family.

Prior to her home business, Tuttle got a teaching position at Provo High School after she received a degree in home economics education at Brigham Young University.

Tuttle recalled when she was a student at BYU, the state of Utah voted against the Equal Rights Amendment, which ensured equal rights for women in the 1960s.

“Being at BYU, when there was a big push to give women more rights, there was a big counter message that women needed to stay at home and not pursue professional activities. In my quest to do the right thing, I studied home education,” Tuttle said.

When Tuttle moved to Utah, she was severely depressed and felt like her life was falling apart. She began seeing a psychologist and went into a 12-step group where she got to talk about her family issues.

“Twelve-step work was very new. It was a very new concept to be open about your toxicity and to talk about your family issues,” Tuttle said.

After two years of psychotherapy, Tuttle felt she still needed to heal and was lead to energy therapy.

Tuttle studied reiki, chakra and rapid eye therapy, which are alternative therapies that promote healing.

After becoming sufficient in the alternative therapies she felt the need to help others. Tuttle opened her own business in Sandy, Utah practicing rapid eye therapy and energy healing work. According to Tuttle, three to five years after she opened her business she made $70,000-$80,000 a year working 20 to 25 hours a week.

“I have a very discerning gift of intuition and what can be called psychic but I can very quickly tune into what’s limiting you, what’s blocking you,” Tuttle said.

“I’ve read a couple of Carol Tuttle’s books. It’s changed my life because I’ve learned to be okay with who I am and that my weaknesses are actually my strengths,” Brynn Christensen, UVU student said.

Energy healing sessions with Carol Tuttle cost $600/an hour in person or through Skype. According to Tuttle, a session with her is equivalent to 10-20 hours of traditional talk therapy because traditional therapy does not provide deep healing work.