Emma Watson’s take on modesty

Vivian Westwood is one of the goddesses on the Mt. Olympus of fashion designers. Westwood is famous for being a major contributor to the 1970s punk scene. One of Westwood’s most famous statements is, “Fashion is about eventually being naked.”


Given the popular trends and direction of the fashion industry worn by celebrities, Westwood was correct. With this in mind, it’s easy to understand why heads turn when an actress says, “I’d never go out in a mini-skirt. It’s just not me.”


Emma Watson has said just that.


In a public statement, the Harry Potter star stated, “I find the whole concept of being ‘sexy’ embarrassing and confusing…the less you reveal the more people can wonder.”


Watson went on to say that her modesty is not about protecting the image of her character in the Harry Potter films, Hermione Granger, but her personal belief.


With just a short quote, Watson stirred up a frenzy of activity across the Internet with conservatives making Watson a poster-child for modesty. The LDS Living website is the first Google return for the search “Emma Watson modesty.”


Many churches, from the Latter-Day Saints to Catholics to born-again Christians, praised the actress’s statement and encouraged others to follow her example. It’s no surprise that Utah Valley has a lot to say about Watson’s stance.


“I like [what she said],” said Ashley Landon, freshman at UVU. “I don’t like when people wear less and show more.”


“I think it’s a step in the right direction,” said sophomore Quinn Cullison. “In society and movies, a lot of creeps think less is better.”


With backless dresses and lower-than-ever necklines dominating the scene, Watson’s modesty is an anomaly in the world of fashion design.


“When I heard what she said, I thought ‘that’s refreshing,’” said Anna Hawkins, a Provo fashion designer. “I think that’s something a lot of women her age haven’t learned yet.”


Hawkins’s experiences as a designer range from costumes for professional theatre to her private business of making wedding veils and custom pieces for local bands.


“Fashion is all about confidence, and Emma Watson is making that point,” Hawkins said. “Fashion is not so much about your body but how you wear things…mystery is sexy.”


Hawkins summed up her thoughts by reflecting the sentiments of many women, saying, “I’d rather have someone appreciate me for who I am rather than the way my body looks.”


By Nathan Evans

Photos courtesy of Emma Watson’s Facebook page

6 thoughts on “Emma Watson’s take on modesty

  1. Again, you’re to be congratulated for filling inches on a slow news day by interviewing your neighbors on an out-of-context quote from a more-than-two-year-old interview. Still, before you hold an actress/model up as a model of modesty, it’s wise to look at her body of work in the following two years, to see if she’s stayed as modest as you’re claiming her to be.

  2. Ummm… This was posted in a fashion section, so it is very relevant. And what was the context that she said those in?

  3. She’s worn some very short dresses since then (great legs, BTW). That said, even when she shows a lot of skin, her outfits are always classy. Plus, I don’t think she wears skirts or mini-dresses regularly. It may only be at red-carpet events where she wears the “skimpier” outfits.

  4. The article is about Utah Valley’s and UVU students’ response to the interview from 2009. Its about fashion like Jarom said. Its relevant.

  5. Maybe you guys should do your research on this kind of stuff before you make it seem like this girl follows through with what she says.

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